My point for this is…

My little sister asked my family yesterday what our New Year’s resolutions were for the year. Frankly, the normal things ran through my mind: loose weight, eat healthier, read more,  so on and so forth but I knew that like every year I would try kinda  halfheartedly  to do all those things and not really accomplish any of them.  Then, I would feel mildly disappointed in my self, like every other year and I didn’t want to do that again.  So, one of the things I had wanted to do was journal my life in 2014. Instead of spending money I don’t have on a nice journal I probably won’t use I decided this might force me to actually stick to my goal (… I hope).  My over arching goal is to live my life this year more positively than I did last year.

I have a VERY bad habit of worrying… about everything.  I think it is due to the fact that life has definitely sent me a few kick in the teeth in the 26 years I have been on this earth and I like to know all the bad outcomes before putting myself out there.  I am now going to try and employ the “don’t worry (more likely worry less), be happy” philosophy and see where that takes me.

A little info about me:

  • I am 26 years old and I live in Kentucky (No, our grass is not really blue. Sorry.)
  • I am the oldest of 5 kids
  • I have a BA in History and a minor in Native American Studies
  • My ultimate career goal is to be a mom, but as far as paying jobs go, I would love to work anywhere in England, at Monticello, Williamsburg, or on an Native American Indian reservation.
  • Currently, I am a secretary and a part time bookseller for Joseph Beth
  • I read. I read, I read, I read.

My goal is to hopefully post daily, as if I am writing in a journal. They may not be incredibly insightful but I will post.  I am hoping this year that I will not only be happier with my life and myself but push myself outside my comfort zone.

Hope you will join me on this journey and that I am not too boring.

2014 here I come!



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