January 5, 2014

Started my day off at church with a good percentage of my family. I’m currently going through a “questioning” period with my faith right now and churches and I just don’t get along. I’ve seen way too many people do bad things “in the name of God” that I am just finding it hard to go to churches and possibly deal with that again. Today was extra weird for me as it was a “prayer and praise day” meaning that we sang a lot, which I love, but we also prayed a lot… out loud. Maybe it was the way I was raised or maybe just my own personal preference but I think prayer is something personal. It’s not something to be shouted out in a church full of strangers when you feel “led” to do so. I felt even more disconnected by the service today than I had in the past. I guess add that to the list of things I should work on.

Went over to my sister and brother-in- law’s for a playoff party. Our Cincinnati Bengals lost embarrassingly to the San Diego Chargers. While I myself do not enjoy American football, I DO enjoy spending time with my family.

I headed out to a girls night with some of the girls from Jo Beth. Q, my Hobbit, Mildred, and the Hugger ( I am working on a nickname for you! Give me some time haha). We had SO much fun! I really love being able to just have time to spend with them chatting about anything we feel like. Especially since our hours have been cut after the holidays, we don’t work together as much anymore so its nice to meet away from work. I love them all so very much. They are really great women 🙂

A guy at the Pub, we’ll call him More, may or may not have been flirting with me. I found it hard to believe because, again, I am still having a bit of trouble believing I. AM. WORTH. IT. Like Mildred pointed out though, I need to start walking with confidence. I may need lessons on how to do that.

Today was a very fun day. Despite the fact that it is a frozen tundra outside and every school/college in the district is closed, mine is only on a 2 hours delay :/ So, it is off to bed for me. I’ll try and start posting these a bit earlier when I am more awake and can devote more time to details. Goodnight all!

Much love


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