January 7, 2014

One positive about the weather today: I do not have to get up as early as my aunt does for her job. Another positive, everyone I work with got a good giggle over my glasses icing over from condensation as we were walking to our cars.

New Year luncheon at work today. It was a lot of fun! My team won the extremely long game to see who would get to eat first. Yay team! Had a lot of fun chatting with the people at my table and it was some pretty good food! They told us towards the end of the event that one of our committees was starting a new initiative for losing weight. While this is one of my main priorities for this year, my place of work doesn’t go about helping promote better health in the best way possible. They mean well but it is not always delivered tactfully. So, I am going to try my best to use this as another way to keep myself accountable and not see it as another reminder from the head honchos that they are disappointed we lost the health award. 

I think one of my favorite points of the day was when Walbott #1 tricked me and said he had acted as my wingman and tracked down the firefighter that had been called to the building last Friday for me. I flipped out. He was kidding but as we were talking I referred to myself as ” not much for a guy to drool over” and he stopped me with a “Gurl! You should never say that about yourself ever again.” and he is right. As are the other people that have said something. I will keep trying to improve! Promise!

Faced my first case of real drama at work today. Cannot give details but … wow. I have no doubt in my mind that if I needed her, my mom would be my biggest warrior. At the same time she is rational and smart enough to know when to pick her battles. These people,not so much.

I got a phone call from the Hugger today 🙂 (still working!) and it was so nice to just chat with her for a bit.

My sister Jordan showed me this YouTube video called Clouds. The story behind it is hauntingly beautiful ( like TFiOS sad) but the song is SO good and so inspiring. This song made me really think about where I want to go with my life this year and to be grateful for everyday I have on this earth. I’ll put the link at the end for other people to go and check it out.  

My Avril (now you finally get to be called this lol) bought me and Jordan matching and engraved Bibles! I’m excited to use it as I move forward with everything in my life this year.

Happy (early in the U.S.) Birthday to one of my best friends in this world, Royal Ryan. Sooo happy you are joining us back in the land of free refills and greasy french fries. I’ve missed you! 

I wish I had some more stuff to share with you or some bigger life lessons I have learned today but I think this is it for me for the 7th. Hope everyone had a wonderful day wherever they are and are staying WARM.

Much love!

Clouds, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zxXAtmmLLc 



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