January8, 2014

I just want to say that I am so sorry this wasn’t up yesterday. 😦 I really am keeping up with this but my laptop at home is limping along on its last leg and didn’t want to connect to the internet yesterday or today. So I am HOPING that I will be able to post these by ~ 10am the following day if needed.

Makes me sad that it wouldn’t work because yesterday was probably the best day of 2014 so far 🙂

Nothing was too terribly exciting at work. I did the same old stuff and tried to catch up on things (didn’t completely happen) but I spent all day happy about the knowledge that I would get to see two of my best friends.

I had jokingly mentioned a few weeks ago when I was out at the Festival of Lights with my best friends that I was going to meet Royal Ryan when he got off the plane with a Happy Birthday/Welcome Home sign and a bag of french fries (because he missed greasy french fries the first time). He said I should… so I did. Due to outstanding circumstances the whole group of us couldn’t go but the 2 of us made a pretty fabulous sign if I do say so myself. We quickly ran out of glitter but we had a blast making it:


So we bought his french fries and headed over walking to the arrival gate just as he texted the plane had landed. We were trying so hard to be sly about asking when his plane would land haha. So we waited and chatted with some parents that were picking up their kids and eventually he came around the corner. He was sick so I won’t hold it against him for semi walking past us and the hugs glittery sign but he was so appreciative to see us. It was so amazing and so cute. I felt so happy.

I had a fairly awkward/unpleasant experience with a coworker waiting for R.R. to get off the plane but since I am trying to be positive I will not think about it anymore. Making this sign with C.P. and getting to see Ryan was more than enough to be thankful for!

Also, when I got home my little sister thanked me for everything that I had done to get us the apartment and things like that.  I am so so happy she moved out with me because I think I would have gone crazy being on my own and it is nice to have someone to help out with everything. It was SO nice to hear that from her even though I never doubted her gratefulness 🙂

Also! Check out this awesome Christmas present I got from C.P.! It’s pretty perfect.


Hope all of you out there had a wonderful Royal Ryan’s birthday day and have a great January 9th as well. See you later!


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