January 9, 2013

I want to do a happy dance. I FINALLY got the minutes typed from the meeting! I HATE this committee and they use a weird minutes template thingy so anytime I get those done I just want to do a celebratory dance in my little corner of the office. Also, another major accomplishment, I was able to hold my own at a “station” for the orientation tour today. I did stammer over some words when thrown off the speech in my head but over all I didn’t screw up too badly. Win! 🙂

Shameless plug number 2: http://bethcoyleky.wordpress.com. Go check out one of my besties Beth’s blog. You will enjoy it immensely as she is crazy talented and I love her a lot so check it!

So, I need to ask the opinion of the people out there reading this. Do you think that there are certain people you are friends with that when outsiders see you with them they think you are below them?

I ask because this happened to me recently and while me a few months ago would have cried and stress out about it, me now finds it pathetic and a little aggravating. Most of the people I consider my best friends, I’ve only known for a little over 2 years now. Its crazy but I feel so much closer to them then almost anyone I have known longer than that. At the same time, I realize that I am a new addition to their lives and they have friends closer than me and that they’ve known longer. I really get that. I also know I have a habit of devoting a lot of time and love to people that may not feel as much about me as I do about them. What I do NOT understand is little snide comments about how I couldn’t possibly be friends with someone who is an uppity up at our college and this, that, and the other thing OR how it is shocking that my part time job would want to keep me. No, maybe I do not know this individual as much or as well as you. Ok. But they are pretty damn special to me. Maybe they don’t mention me, again fine. No, I wasn’t in any clubs  (I had really life things to deal with instead) and no you didn’t see me at any social functions but my friendship is just as valid as yours is.

Any opinions? I know this is a break from what I was determined to blog about but I would really like some feedback on it. What I find funny is that the comment about my job didn’t bug me, it was the shock about us having a mutual and popular friend that I thought was ridiculous.

In an effort to swing the topic back to something happier, I started to listen to the audio book of the Hobbit today. I will be sitting at my desk working on some data entry tomorrow (alllll day) and it keeps me focused more than music does because I am too picky when it comes to music. I am late in the game but GOOD LORD is Tolkien brilliant!!!! I am only 4 chapters in but my imagination has replaced the images from the movie and I am SO excited to read more.

Again, I am sorry for the bit of sadness above but I needed to get it out in print so I could calm down a bit and I would very much appreciate your thoughts.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and tomorrow.

Much love from me!


4 thoughts on “January 9, 2013

  1. While I don’t think any one has said anything outright to me, I know I’ve gotten some confusion for being on friendly terms with people. One time when I was at the mall when I was around 18, I noticed a guy I went to high school with was at work. He worked at Abercrombie, but he wasn’t just working there he was one of the “models,” aka the good-looking people they have standing out front. This guy was always very good-looking, but also incredibly nice to everyone. I could tell that some of the girls going into the store were giving me looks for talking to him because, let’s face it, I am not Abercrombie’s demographic by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m sure they were confused as to why such a good-looking guy would be talking to me.

    Also, on occasion, I feel like the homeliest girl in the group and that I do a good job of making everyone look better/thinner when we go out. It is what it is (what it is is self-esteem issues, hoo boy).

    Here’s the thing: Kathryn, we, your friends, like you. If someone cannot believe that you are friends with someone (pardon my language) but fuck ’em. They obviously are missing out on how great of a person and friend you are and if they can’t see that then they are dumber than a bag of hammers. Don’t let people’s stupidity get you down, because you’re awesome. Sincerely.

    • Thank you so much for saying this Beth. I recognize that in my circle of friends I am definitely not the prettiest or smartest by any stretch of the imagination, but you guys never make me feel that way so it is pretty easy for me to push it to the back corner of my mind. I was just thrown off so much by someone actually calling me out about it. She was shocked that I was in their profile pic and everything. I can deal with the confused stares but I was completely thrown off by someone actually telling me that I couldn’t possibly be friends with someone because of who they are for the University and because this individual was friends with them. It hurts.

      You’re right though, I know you guys like me and I am thankful everyday to have all of you in my life and I should focus on that. If this one girl can’t fathom that I am worth something, that’s one person. I shouldn’t let that bother me when I have all of you guys to prove her wrong.

      Thank you for being awesome and my friend Beth 🙂

  2. ALL the gold stars go to Beth. You guys are amazing and I’m glad to call myself your friend. I am a giant fan of the “fuck ’em” attitude. You do you and screw everybody else who has a negative thing to say about it.

    • I agree. I will have to go purchase her a sheet of gold stars haha, I think it was the disbelief that threw me off. I am so proud to call you guys my friends and I really need to stop caring when people say things about it.

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