January 12, 2014

I don’t have much to say about today, nothing too eventful happened. It was just a nice lazy Sunday with my family. We had an amazing time with my Grams and some very yummy food for lunch as well. I spent the evening working at home and watching the Golden Globes. I had some profs make faces at me for not having their info done on Friday. This was through no fault of my own since our system had crashed but I spent my Sunday night getting them ready. I hope it was appreciated….

2 quick updates:

1) I’ve decided to post this the next morning so that I have time to post everything that happened in my day.

2) I’ve noticed just how much being positive makes a difference. In the work place and just everyday. I will admit it is a struggle for me to wake up and think ” I am going to be positive today!” when all I want to do is crawl right back into bed and pretend I still have a few more hours left to sleep. It’s funny how when you’re doubting yourself, life will sometimes gently remind you you’re on the right track. I’ve seen people that remind me so much of myself from a few years back and I’ve seen what my family meant. Positivity is definitely worth the effort!

Have a great day everyone!

Much love!


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