January 15, 2014

One of the things I discovered today is how much of a difference it makes on your life when what your doing holds you attention. It makes you need to think and focus on something instead of standing or sitting bored and numb. Without divulging too much, a committee I am on has nothing to do with me or my position. I spend an hour and a half in a tiny room with people who are basically speaking French because that’s about as well as I understand what is going on. Added bonus, I take minutes for the committee. It is insanely difficult to write informative minutes on something you do not understand.  It is so aggravating when you come in to work well rested and ready for the day only to sit in an 8:30 meeting that you nod off in on occasion. Blerg!

The rest of the day was normal and uneventful. As far as work goes it’s normally same old same old. I did however have a mini freak out when I saw an app come from the home town of a former friend of mine. It wasn’t that person but I am lost had a melt down in my desk chair just seeing the city/state. Not cool universe. Not. Cool.

One of my sisters informed me that because of my tights and how far my jacket hangs I looked like a court jester. I them proceed to attempt to dance like one would have. Listening to her laugh is one of the most entertaining things. It’s hard to explain but it’s fun to just listen to her haha.

Shortly after, one of my other sisters sent me the sweetest text ever. I cried. It said:

“Hi sister! Just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome and I love you! I was just thinking about you and wanted you to know that you’re a wonderful person who I love very much and I don’t think I tell you that enough!… And you’re very beautiful!!!!!!”

That was so unexpected and amazing to hear! Especially since I have a huge interview that I am really looking forward to/scared to death of tomorrow.

Tell somebody that you appreciate them today. It’s so wonderful to hear.

Have a great 16th!

Much love!


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