January 16, 2014

I’m sorry that my life isn’t horribly interesting. I will try and talk about interesting things/thoughts/books as they come to me.

So, interview went really well(I think!)! They seemed to like me and will let me know early next week. I am just honored to be interviewed :). Went up stairs and got to see Beth for a bit. That was awesome.I hope everyone likes visits at work as much as I do. It breaks the monotony. 

If the job doesn’t work out I will be ok. It would be perfect as it is a position that has to do with my field but I am also really  happy with where I am right now so, it will be a win/win 🙂

Nothing else too exciting happened. I went and got some pictures printed and went home to  eat dinner and read. I just like being in my own place. I’m happy just to be home. It’s wonderful.

My thought for today: Study Abroad.

Everyone should study abroad. I know all the reasons why not. Money, leaving the country, MONEY. The thought of studying abroad never crossed my mind until one of my professors, Dr. Williams, mentioned all the ways my school and the corporations we partner with, helped make that dream a reality.  I looked up programs while I was working that summer and found ” London: Doorway to Fantasy”. The trip could not have been more perfect for me. I would go to London for 2 weeks in December/January and study Harry Potter, Narnia, and other Brit Fantasy books. Dreams really do come true. It was expensive. I was blessed enough to receive a scholarship and my Grams and my Momma chipped in a lot to help get me there (it was my grad present). I worked hard, saved money and left December 26, 2011 for what was about to be the best experience of my life (… so far). I hope that everyone that has the oppurtunity to study abroad is as lucky as I was. I went with a class of like minded nerds to study something that meant a lot to all of us. It. Was. Awesome. Plus, how many people get to say that they met their best friend over seas and BROUGHT THEM BACK HOME WITH THEM.  I love my London group. Maybe it is just the experience of essentially living together for 2 weeks or just that we were all high on euphoria for 2 weeks but they have now become part of my family and I do not know what I would do without them.

In summary, Study Abroad and enjoy every minute of it.

The End 🙂

Much love!


The door that inspired the Wardrobe in Chronicles of Narnia… and Mr. Tumnus.


2 thoughts on “January 16, 2014

    • Yes! It was amazing. One of our “asisgnments” was to go into all these old book stores and find the required reading for our class and complare it to American covers and locations on book store shelves.

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