January 17 and 18, 2014

Sorry everyone but I am combining the 2 days as I am getting a very VERY late start at it. Between work and enjoying time with friends I have been a bit distracted.

So, the 17th. I was invited to attend the Open Mic night by the former editor of NKU’s undergraduate magazine. To be honest I thought yet again that he was actually wanting me to show up. He might actually be trying to have a conversation with me on a basic human level. Come to find out- wrong again. He didn’t show. Ok. No more. I am not playing this game with you again sir. Let’s just be aquaintances if that from now on. 

Instead of being upset about that, I had a wonderful night at the pub with some of my best friends. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people around me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we could all talk about any subject and we would have the best time. We make any time we can spend together count. I love them. I also gave everyone some belated Christmas gifts. I think they all loved them. It wasn’t much but it was something I thought they’d all love.

Now, today, how is it that when you start out your morning productively  and you go into work, things crumble? I was ready for the day and so positive then it went down hill a bit. Which is why I was so insanely happy to see my friend Beth when she stopped in to browse and say hi to me. It was awesome. I feel bad for talking with her so much considering she was already battling a sore throat and losing her voice but it is so much easier to get thorough the day when you can see a friendly face. Yay!

I spent the rest of my evening with Jordan and her boyfriend watching re runs of Sherlock to get prepared for tomorrow. HOW DID YOU DO IT SHERLOCK?! HOW?!

I’m so sorry every one for the choppy blog. I will try and do better tomorrow. Hoepfully my computer and my internet will coloperate!  


2 thoughts on “January 17 and 18, 2014

  1. Lol have you been avoiding tumblr? Because I already know everything that happens in this whole season of Sherlock and I don’t even watch that show.

    The Husband and I had an amazing time with everyone last night. We’ve eaten over half the turkish delight already. >.> Glad he was able to come hang out.

    • I have not Tubled since the 1st or 2nd when I got on and saw a few spoilers. I refused to cheat since Benedict worked so hard to get them aired so close together.

      I am SO glad you two enjoyed yourselves. I’ve missed you guys 🙂

      I love you both even if you do enjoy eating perfume flavored sweets

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