January 19, 2014

So, quick apolgy to the people I work with at my second job. My full time job had me much more tired than I thought which made for a lack of brain cells and focus on my second job. Sorry all. 

On the flip side, I HATE when we get our little “store inspections” cause everyone is up in arms and you see who really cares about you and who really cares about themselves. 

Ok. Rant done.

So, after returning from work and a quick trip to walmart my sister and I had a lovely time with my mom and my siblings an had a wonderful homecooked meal (thanks again Momma!) and just chilled out. We played a few rounds of Scattergories which was hilarious. It’s funny how in some games you can tell just how similar some siblings are. My brother and Avril (who look incredibly alike a 4 year age difference) got a lot of the same answers and myself and Jordan did as well. It led to a lot of laughs.

Sherlock premired last night on PBS. My God was it good! I loved it so much! AHHHH! I was really impressed. I loved the historical tie in and Sherlock and John back together again and the jokes about John’s mustace. So so so brilliant. I had myself a few cups of tea and some sweets and it was great.

What I am MOST excited for is tomorrow.. or today really my friends are coming over to hang out at my new place! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I have never had an oppurtunity to host friends over and I cannot wait! It is going to be awesome! Wooo! I love having people over. I just need to head out and get a few more snack type things when I can moivate myself to move from this chair and do some work 🙂

I hope everyone has a wondeful MLK day and rememebers what this day is about, not only a day off work (for some anyways).

Much love!


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