I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place. -Anne Tyler

As I stated at some point in this blogging adventure, I wanted to get back to reading as much as I used to. My brain has just been way to tired to focus on much of anything.

Well, I finished the book my friend Beth bought me for my birthday. It was the first book in Maureen Johnson’s “Shades of London” series called The Name of the Star. It was pretty fantastic but it ended on a cliff hanger that I just HAD to know the result of. I decided to read The Madness Underneath as well. I should of known when Beth told me that I was going to “rage quit” when reading it that I was in for an unpleasant surprise. I told her ” when I rant on twitter and say that I hate you, know I really do love you but I hate the situation”. Then came the rage.

So, book lovers out there with sympathize with me. When you start a series, you start to plot out in your mind what you wish the author would give you. For example: I wanted Harry and Ginny to end up together in the HP series. Nine times out of ten you are going to be disappointed because you and the author do not share the same vision. What I don’t like, is when the author gives you what you are expecting and then TAKES IT AWAY! I got about 10 pages of joy from that one line of dialogue Maureen Johnson and then you rip my heart out. How could you?!

My point, and I do have one, is this: BOOKS SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL THIS WAY. While I am still angry that I had to go through that torture, it made me feel. Words have power, they have meaning, and when used correctly can invoke a plethora of emotions. I feel awful for people that cannot find any joy out of reading. If I didn’t have books to go to when I needed a break for the harsh realities I had to live through, I don’t know who I would be right now.

The quote I used for the title of this blog encompasses the whole reason why I love books. They can take you anywhere you are interested in going. Whether it is ghost hunting with a hottie in London (freaking Stephen! WHY!!! WHYYYYYYY!)  or running through the prairie, books can give you an escape.

If you know me at all, you know I am an insanely hopeless romantic. I love happy endings. The fluffier the better. I am also 26 and still single.

Anyways, my sister Jordan asked me a few years ago, how I could read all the romance novels that I do. She said she would not be strong enough to read it if she was in my position. To be honest, there are days I can’t read them. The days when I am feeling really sad and confused as to why no one can see that I am a wonderful person despite the additional 30 pounds on my body. Those days, I walk away and I go back into one of my “safe” books and reset. Most of the time though, I read them to remind myself that happy endings DO EXIST. I am not completely stupid in thinking that they will end the same way in real life but it’s nice to know they are possible on days I forget that.

I have noooo talent for writing myself. I cannot think creatively like that, but you will not find a bigger fan than me of people that CAN write like that. Despite the fact that The Fault in Our Stars made me ugly cry for about 8 hours and walk around in a haze for a day and a half, that book was so beautifully written and I was inspired to enjoy the life I was given (despite the ups and downs).

This blog was prompted because of the pretty emotional reaction I had toward The Madness Underneath and the blog my friend Elizabeth wrote about The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. It kind of turned into a mess of thoughts about books but I hope you all got something from it.



7 thoughts on “I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place. -Anne Tyler

  1. Interesting post. Sets me thinking. True that words have power, and if it doesn’t invoke emotions, the book is just a waste of time. However when I really really want a situation to happen in a particular book, power of words and what not aside, I couldn’t care less. I WANT THAT SITUATION NO MATTER WHAT!! Grr. Hahaha. ^^

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