January 22 and 23

I really am trying my best to keep up with my own goal of filling you in on my day to day life everyday but it has become increasingly difficult because:

1) I am pretty boring

2) I’ve been reading instead of writing

3) slow internet connection at home

So, here is my valiant attempt to catch up.

Wednesday I went to work and got 2 free meals. For the first time faculty members thought about feeding the front desk staff. It was pretty fantastic. Headed home and picked up Gracie Lou on the way. Got some pizza for Jordan and her to eat. Wednesday started the real spiral down into the aching and ill feeling I have right now. I laid on the couch reading and Gracie Lou, the nurse in training, took care of me. Probably the best thing ever is having a little sister who when you are sick/hurting/emotionally worn out will just take over and make your life easier.

Thursday was tiring at best. Worked both jobs while feeling crappy so, not an easy feat. Something exciting DID happen though. One of my bosses was looking for penguin books for a display and I started helping her. My first choice: Looking for Alaska by John Green and then whilst browsing I grabbed Maureen Johnson’s The Name of the Star (more on this to come later) and we put that out as well. About 20 minutes later a girl was browsing through the YA section and said she was “looking for something different” I mentioned The Name of the Star to her and BOOM she bought it. Huzzah!

Probably the funniest thing that has happened over the pass few days is the twitter love fest that I started with my friend Elizabeth. When I had Jordan petition Elizabeth and Beth for good poems I kinda started a bit more than I was expecting ;). This led to Elizabeth’s blog (go check it out RIGHT NOW) and the one I am hoping to type after this. Which led to the love fest haha. As Elizabeth and I were passing tweets back and forth about just how awesome the other was Beth chimes in with this : “I love you both in that keep your clothes on sort of way.” BAHAHAHA I wish I was that clever. This is just a prime example of why I love the group of friends I have around me 🙂

Well, nothing too stellar happened afterwards except the AMAZING dinner my sister cooked! Yum! She’s 14 and is a wizard at almost everything.

Until I see you all again,

Much love!


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