January 24,25, and 26

Ok so, new goal. Actually type my weekend blogs over the weekend. I’m getting too lazy now. Especially cause my weekends are normally a lot of fun!

So Friday, was crazy excited NOT to have to work the second job. I’ve been trying to fight off a head cold for some time now and anytime I get to rest is amazing. Came home and Jordan and her boyfriend, AZ, made dinner. It was delicious! AZ is a pretty great cook so I am excited anytime he cooks for us! We then watched Game of Shadows ( LOOOVE RDJ) and The Emperor’s New Groove (The groove! The grooove!) before the old ladies had to go to bed. Tee hee.

Jordan has now called us ” The Best Friends Gang/ The Three Amigos”

Saturday, worked a full shift at JBB. I cannot even describe how wiped I was afterwards. I went home with the intention of trying to go out with some friends for a birthday celebration and could not move. I spent a good portion of the night shivering in my recliner because my head cold has finally fully caught up with me. Sore throat and pounding headaches have ensued since then. I felt awful missing the birthday fun but they thought of going out in the cold again made me want to cry a little bit. On the bright side though, AZ made us another wonderful meal and they allowed me to lay like a bump in a log while we all watched Shutter Island together.

*Quick side note* HOW GOOD IS SHUTTER ISLAND! It blew my mind! OMG. Watch it!

Sunday, had to work again but not until later in the day so I attended church with Jordan, Avril and the Bro-in-law. Before heading out to Half Priced Books. Got some good stuff and used my coupons before they expired. Then headed out to work. Short 4 hours shift and I was able to accomplish something while there. I reorganized and straightened our international maps and did the same with the US travel section. The pride I felt over the maps may have been a bit sad. Didn’t make it to International travel just yet though. Then back to home where Jordan and I were about to burst with anticipation for Sherlock episode 2. I had the pretty brilliant idea of having a “make your own pizza” bar for dinner and it was very yummy. AZ was able to come over and enjoy Sherlock with us which was an added bonus. We had tea and popcorn. It was fantastic. I will try not to go on a Sherlock rant this time around but GO WATCH IT!!!!!! SUNDAY NIGHT’S EPISODE WAS THE BEEEEEST! AHH!

Some thoughts from the weekend:

1) Jordan and Avril are truly blessed. They each found pretty amazing guys who are perfect for them and fit into this family so well. I don’t think I show them enough how much I appreciate them. It’s different for me to have guys in my life considering the only male of significance in my life for many years was my one and only little bro. Now I have a bro-in-law and AZ (who is already basically a bro too)  and I need to work harder I think to show them that I love them and I am insanely grateful they  are nice guys who love and appreciate my sisters.

2) Prompted by AZ’s desire to see London after watching British television Jordan has now decided that my future spouse and I should go on a couples trip to London with her and AZ. There aren’t enough words to describe how much the prospect of this excites me. Especially since the homesickness I feel towards London is no joke. It would also be insanely exciting.

I hope wherever you are, you are having a wonderful Monday.

Enjoy this quote from Mary Higgins Clark:

” Approach your lives as if they were novels, with their own heroes, villains, red herrings, and triumphs.”

Lots of Love from Me!



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