January 28, 2014 (Rant inside. Sorry)

Ok so this is the second time I will be writing this blog.

I stupidly went to look up a definition (the word was caveat and I wanted to make sure I was using it correctly) and forgot to look it up on the tab so I lost the whole post  😦

Quick review of the 28th:  Found out that my local library turned me down again. I have applied to that place multiple times a year since I was 16. I’ve gotten 2 interviews in that time and didn’t get the position either time. I am bummed because it would have been perfect for me. Finally working in an area that had to do with my degree but I know that something better will come along. 🙂

This is what I really wanted to talk to you guys about though (and had written a very nice post about. ):


1) I do consider myself a Christian. That being said, I am going through a questioning phase and am having trouble finding solace and comfort in my faith at the present time.

2) I am a Christian who a) supports gay rights, b) reads Harry Potter, and c) says the occasional curse word. I know that being a Christian does not automatically mean you are prefect.

Onto the story:

So, my niece posted an article on Facebook entitled: ” Projecting Christian Conservatives Cry ‘Discrimination’ after Gay Grammy Weddings”. Let me say here and now, I did not read this article myself. As you will soon see that is not what set me off.

So, one of her teachers decided to take this as an opportunity to preach. I have seen this happen so many times that I really didn’t even bat an eye. So many people just throw the Bible around to serve their purposes that I normally just roll my eyes and go about my day. Then I saw this comment a few hours later:

The teacher:”God made me an alcoholic…..does that make it ok to drink?…..I’m trying to learn what God wants by reading his book. It really is a good book…lots of good stuff…..and some stuff I don’t fully understand.”

It is perfectly clear that you do not understand a LOT sir. First of all, it was your choice to drink. God did not put that beer bottle in your hand. You did that of your won free will. So while you’re reading God’s book why don’t you check out Psalm 139: 13-14.  I doubt that the God that I was raised to know and I understand as a good and loving father would say ” Hmm, while I am creating this human life I’ll toss in some alcoholism as well. Just for kicks.” Noooo. Not how it’s done.

Before I show you the rest of our conversation I just want to say that the reason this set me off is because my dad is an alcoholic. Not recovering or recovered he IS an alcoholic. He was cruel and verbally abusive to myself, my mom, and my siblings for a few years before we got out . So for someone to try and compare being gay with alcoholism… is offensive on MANY levels.

Rest of the conversation:

Me: I normally try to stay out of things like this, but I really take offense to the “God made me an alcoholic” statement. My dad was a devout Christian (for a short period of time) before ultimately returning to drinking instead of caring about his family, himself, and his faith. God doesn’t make you an alcoholic. He did allow us to have free will though because he is a good and loving God. If my dad wants to be a better person, he knows who, not what, will help him. I won’t launch into my opinions on Gay rights (although I am on the pro side) but I will say, for all the horrible things my dad did and said he never said ” God made me drink”.

The teacher: Dang…I love my analogy….the point is that we all have certain challenges….that in and of itself doesn’t make it right to “give in”

Me: I agree but I do not want to follow a God that made my dad the way he was. No one should want to see people suffer that way. Your choices make you who you are.
The teacher: I agree….drinking is a choice, but being an alcoholic is not…..sorry about your Dad.

It’s at this point that I finally remembered my Grams’ favorite saying which is ” You can’t argue with stupid”. So I stopped trying. If he can’t even see the obvious correlation between drinking to excess(when it harms you or a loved one) leading to becoming an alcoholic how is he going to see anything else.

Like I said, I didn’t want to start a war with this post. I just wanted to show that there is ignorance out there. Until we all stop hating things we don’t understand we will NEVER move forward. I went home last night shaking with anger and cried about how someone can say that God made people like him and my dad do what they did. I don’t know what deity you follow, but it is sure not the one I grew up hearing about.

This is all I want: people to realize that LOVE IS THE SOLUTION. Love God, love others, love yourselves. No strings attached. You love people for who they are! I’m not perfect. Not at all! Faaaar from it but I know my family and friends love me because all of that together makes up this tiny fireball that is me 🙂

One closing thought, I saw this picture on twitter this morning and thought it went perfect with what happened:


Until next time, so much love to you all!


6 thoughts on “January 28, 2014 (Rant inside. Sorry)

  1. I think you’re completely correct about there being so much ignorance in the world. It’s the way people use God as an excuse or a crutch (“God made me an alcoholic”) instead of taking responsibility for their own shortcomings that really gets to me. You are the kind of Christian that I think people should strive to be (and that people sometimes wrongfully believe they are): because it really is all about the love. For godssakes. Literally.

    Also: I freaking love that quote and I wanna steal it.

    • 🙂 Thank you my dear! I agree completely with you. People using God as a crutch goes about it all the wrong way. The quote was actually what pushed me to write this haha. I loved it and was thinking it’d be perfect for this blog lol.
      I also want to quote you now …” because it really is all about the love. For godssakes. Literally.”

  2. Try not to let other people get to you so much. I can tell that you let that one incident ruin your whole day and that just makes me sad… You may disagree with what he said, and that’s ok! We have that right to disagree with each other, but you shouldn’t give him the power to affect you so much. I also think it is good to stand up for what you believe in, but I don’t think he was being hostile at all, or even realized he was in an ‘argument’ with you. He was just posting his opinion while many others posted theirs as well. I am not trying to start anything else, but I hate seeing the way that you will let yourself get so worked up over something someone else said… every once in a while, if it’s a great injustice or someone that’s actually attacking something you believe in, then it makes sense… But I’m sure he forgot about that post and the comments on it in a heartbeat, yet you had to let your whole day get ruined. Grandma says you can’t argue with stupid for a reason…. Whether he is or is not “stupid”, she tells us not to even try to argue because there is no winning against them, so try to practice taking a deep breath and don’t hand someone over your day that you will never even see or talk to again. I didn’t agree with many things that were posted on there, but I know what I believe so I don’t want to get myself all flustered over someone else’s opinion that I can’t change anyways.

    • Surprisingly enough, I didn’t let it ruin my day. Yes I was mad for a time because people like that make me so sad/angry but I in no way let it ruin my day. I had a great rest of the evening. I just talked it over with people and I was fine. I don’t want to say anything else and get in a bad mood like I was yesterday.

  3. So, I told you I was trying to organize my thoughts earlier today before I replied and then I come here to find Elizabeth has basically already managed to succinctly say what I was going to. I don’t think this person who claims to be a Christian really did any sort of studying or reading up on what it means to be a Christian.

    I think that’s a very common problem today. That people would rather hide their prejudices and stupid thoughts behind the statement that “that’s what the Bible says” or “that’s what God wants.” This problem is so prevalent that if you aren’t that way, people are surprised to find out that you consider yourself a Christian. I can’t tell you how many times people have been surprised to learn that I have faith.

    Additionally, just so you know, when I was in grade school (Catholic school) we were often told that is okay to have crises of faith. It’s normal, it’s to be expected, and can lead to a stronger faith in the long run. It’s easy to have faith if it’s never been tested.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

    • Thanks Beth! I agree with you. It’s easy to say I have faith when you haven’t had to lean on it because its all you have left. I think that is why I was so offended by his statement. The one thing holding me in my faith is that I have been taught and I know that God is a loving God so how is “making” someone an alcoholic a good and loving thing? I may not preach to people constantly and unlike Michael I have no plans to cut out all of my friends because they’re not saint like (guess what, neither am I!).
      I’m not perfect. Imagine how much it would suck to be “perfect”. Blech! No thanks. I just try to be a good person and live by example and I hope that I make a difference in someone’s life.
      Should I have been as upset as I was about it, no maybe not. As my sister pointed out I don’t know this man and will never talk to him again, but the way people throw alcoholism around like that really bugs me and that’s why I think people laugh it off sometimes when there are people, like my dad, that need serious help.
      P.S. I am not surprised you have faith

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