Feb. 3, 2014

So, where did we leave off since our last meeting?

Well, Friday I went out with my best friend for her birthday. First stop, she, her girlfriend, and myself headed over to Cracker Barrel for a lovely dinner before meeting the rest of the group at the Pub for birthday drinks. I met the guy that Jadis had been thinking of setting me up with. I am flattered that she would take the time to help me find a man, especially since I know they will all have to make it pass her before getting to meet my family, but  I really felt nothing at all. Not even a slight interest.

While we were at the Pub I had a wonderful conversation with Elizabeth. Most of the time when we get to see each other we just spend time catching up with one another, other times we have deep and meaningful conversations, sometimes both. All I know is I absolutely adore spending time talking with her 🙂

I wasn’t smart though. I knew that I had been getting a bit sicker all week and stayed out fairly late and wore out my voice on Friday. As much as I love the English atmosphere at the Pub, you always have to scream to be able to talk with anyone in your party. I went to work at job number 2 on Saturday and felt my energy draining by the minute. Almost immediately after returning home from work we went to my Aunt’s for her 50th birthday party. I stupidly drove the 45 minute to her house instead of asking for assistance so by the time I made it to her house I was in a fog. Considering my aunt is one of the best people in this world I wouldn’t have risked missing out on time with her. So I tried my best to stay quiet and use as little energy as possible.  That didn’t last long. A few rounds of Just Dance later and I was beyond exhausted. I tried to sit and concentrate on not getting sick for the rest of the night. By now my voice was down to a squeaking whisper and I kept having o be reminded by my mom and sisters to not talk. Sooooo hard for me.

Before I continue with Sunday, an additional quick note about my Aunt’s party. My Uncle made her probably the most adorable slide show I have ever seen. It was filled with wonderful pictures of my aunt, my aunt and uncle, and my aunt, uncle and cousin. He accompanied each picture with a quote that brought almost all of us to tears. Especially me as I am a crier. I  really want that kind of devotion someday.

Back to Sunday, I attempted o go in to job number 2. I knew I would be the only bookseller there for at least an hour since it was the Sunday morning shift. I didn’t want to leave ‘Hot Sauce’ to fend for himself. Plus I figured I was able to stand up with out being dizzy or shaking and I semi had my voice back so I thought I could do it. I was.. very wrong. With each customer that came through my voice disappeared more and more. Then the dizzy and exhausted feeling started to hit again so I asked to leave. My manager on duty was nice enough to let me off the clock 2 hours early and I went home and slept for around 3 or 4 hours before trying to wake myself up for the season finale of Sherlock. I was SO excited to have my sister home with me to go through the emotional roller coaster that was the season 3 finale.  I have more questions than answers. What I do know though, is that Benedict Cumberbatch is one handsome man and talented actor I would not ever say no to him. 

Well, today is the 26th birthday of my best friend. I wish we were spending it together but seeing as how I am lying on my couch trying to keep my strength and not effect the outside world we are not. I am thankful everyday that we not only remained friends, but became closer after spending 2 weeks as roommates in London. She pulls me out of my shell when I need it and I know that she genuninely likes me…faults and all. I waited 24 years to find someone I could call my best friend without having to hide parts of myself or with a nagging suspicion they didn’t actually like me. I am incredibly lucky to have her. 🙂

Well, I have some towels to fold before my next load of laundry is done. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and are healthier than I am at the moment.

Love to you all! 


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