February 4, 2014

Well, today was fun.

I went into work. Determined that I could make it because my voice had decided to return to me… yeah no. I discovered that whatever I have has infected the whole of my department so while I am not suffering alone, it sucks to know whatever it was is contagious. Sorry Jordan! By my lunch time I felt like I was walking through a fog. I had just finished the soup I brought for lunch when my mom called to inform me my siblings were being released from school 15 minutes early.  As upset as I was about the rushing around I felt like it was a blessing as well because I did not know how in the world I was going to make it to 4:30.As I was frantically calling/texting my sibs to let them know I was on my way I finally get a hold of my brother to find out his friend is taking them home. So, detour to Kroger for last minute snacks. Ultimately, my school closed at 4 so it worked out in the end.

Jordan and I made it home about an hour or so before the snow. It was a bit weird to be home before 5 but I was not complaining one bit! We have now started watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy together every night. Its been a lot of fun! I’m awful at Wheel of Fortune but I feel like I can hold my own in Jeopardy. 

The snow and the ice started hitting fairly quickly and it was nice to know we were warm inside. We began making plans for what to do with our snow day we were hoping to get but became more and more discouraged when we didn’t get a call or warning about school closing.

Oh! They were also hosting the big Creationism vs Evolution debate in my area on Tuesday. I was surprised by how many people attended even though the roads would be iced over before they left. 2 of my sisters had tickets to go watch the live streaming at church but were smart and watched it at home due to the weather. From what I heard it was a pretty interesting debate. Frankly, I believe in both. By “both” I mean that yes, as a Christian I believe God created the world. I also believe in evolution. I believe in it in the since that species evolve. We all are evolving everyday to adapt to our surroundings.

Well, that is my day for you right now.

Until the next time, much love!


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