February 5, 2014


School called around 6 am to say that we would be delayed until noon. Really? Noon? Have ya looked outside? Not only is there a level 2 snow emergency there is solid layer of ice covering everything. I was praying and praying for a closure. Jordan got out of bed and grumbled ” They’re joking right? There is no way they’re going to ask us to go out i this.” about 45 minutes later THEY CLOSED!!! AHHH! Jordan and I each did happy dances in our apartment (do not do this if you are ill. It didn’t go well). It was so exciting!!!!!

We decided to start our day with watching The Breakfast Club which Jordan had still not seen. She said she was tired of being the only person to still have not watched it.Β  Jordan then began cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. This sounds really awful but I swear she likes doing it. She even uses it as a reward when she gets a homework assignment done. Besides I helped when/where she told me to help! It is amazing what you can get done with one extra day. It was wonderful because we felt good about ourselves and our place because it was done and clean. We made some dinner and watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Very funny episode of Jeopardy( “that’s baby Jessica. It has to be!”… it wasn’t). Jordan needed to watch a movie for her Hitchcock class and asked me to watch it with her. I gave it a valiant effort but watching TV is not something you want to do when you feel like your head is splitting open from headache pain. I instead alternated between reading/blank staring hoping for a miracle. Sadly it did not help and I missed a majority of the movie. Still got the gist of it though and it stunk. Hopefully I will kick this stupid cold asap. I am so over it.

As I am sure most of you have caught on to this, I love books. I have a problem buying MORE books before I am finished with or have even made a dent into the ones I already have. Β  This also leads to the problem of never finishing a book right away. I almost always start one in between finishing another. One book though I almost didn’t want to read. It’s called Trickery Treat and it is a Charmed novel. The main reason I didn’t want to read the book was because like with Harry Potter reading the last book means its over. There is no more show and no more novels and it depresses me. that being said, it was a great book. I really enjoyed that the book was set after the last episode of Charmed giving us fans a quick 200 or so page glimpse at the characters lives after defeating the a”Ultimate Power” but before the epilogue in the episode. I have to say I highly enjoyed reading it. Before people laugh, the Charmed novels are REALLY good. I am aware that it is basically published fan fiction but the story lines are “believable” and not too hokey (it’s about witches, c’mon people) and I have been reading them for about.. wow.. ten years. Crazy. I am sad that I have now watched all 178 episodes and read the 41 novels based on the show. Charmed is officially over 😦

…until Jordan, Avril, Chelle, and I decide to do another Charmed summer marathon again that is! πŸ™‚

I hope where ever you are you are having a wonderful Feb. 6th.

Until next time,

Much love!


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