February 7, 2014

Back to work. I was more than a little surprised that we had to go into work at our normal 8:15 time. There was still a level 2 in the county and a nice sheet of ice over everything. Ah well. Work went well, I got things accomplished yay!

The fun part was getting my car. My uncle is a mechanic and is nice enough to fix all of our cars (I have a big family so it’s a sizable amount). I won’t go into many details but I had to go pick up my car from the middle of Newport because my aunt drove it to work today. Problems with that? 1) She still needed a car after work 2) We get off work at separate times 3) I drove with Jordan who doesn’t get off work until 6 on Thursdays 4) No one thinks to salt/plow Newport streets. I got my spare keys when I had my lunch break. Then went out to run errands between 4:30-6 when come to find out I had to pick up my brother right now versus later. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to put some gas in Jordan’s car (we had been sharing it and I wanted to help), get a few things at WalMart, including a frame for this AMAZING gift from my friend Beth:Image

I then had to go back home get my brother, pick up my youngest sister from home and go back to get Jordan all by 6 pm.It was an adventure.

Anyways, we were skidding and sliding along the roads in Newport getting a little more leery by the minute when we eventually slid our way onto the street where my car was located. My aunt had just parked my car there not 2 hours before, so it SHOULD be easy to get out right?? Wrong. Not only that I had to somehow park my sister’s car in a way that she could get back out of the street as well. It was awful. After we had released ourselves from the snow/ice we drove back towards the highway. At one point my car literally slid down an entire block of Newport because it was just a sheet of ice. My poor Ellie. We survived though and celebrated with pizza for dinner.

I just want to take a quick moment and talk about my youngest sister,  Gracie. She was born at a very rough time in my family’s life. My father was contemplating a career change (prior to him become a cheap beer soaked waste of space that is) and it was definitely taking a toll on my family. Gracie though. She was the best. She was like a bright ray of sunshine and I have not stopped thanking God for her. I just wish it could have been a little bit better for her. That being said, you will not meet a more mature, talented, and accepting 14 year old out there. I am constantly amazed by her. I asked her earlier in the morning if she could create something out of a Goodreads quote I sent her and just a few hours later I received this:Image

How incredible is that? Then, as an added bonus I got this:


I had never even heard of this quote before but my sister knows me so well that she knew it was perfect. I cried reading it. I am so so grateful that Gracie and her talent are in this world. It makes everything a little brighter 🙂

Until next time, much love to you all!


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