Bookselling, a few incidents in the life

Short and sweet post about 2 incidents while being a bookseller that happened recently:

1) Yesterday while at work a woman bought a travel guide and a “streetwise map of London” at my register. Being the Anglophile I am I was like ” Ohmigosh are you going to London?!” Her response? A very terse ” Yes.” Lost in my own ‘Yay London!’ bubble I said “Oh I’m so jealous. I’ve been twice and I would love to go again. I’d live there given the opportunity.”  Her: ” Yeah I’ve been about 3 or 4 times. I hate it.” My heart is slowly cracking as my co-worker Howie came over and she said “Awe. Are you going over for work then?” Customer: ” No. We’re just going on vacation and I really don’t like it over there. I am American. This is America and we should be here and stay here!”

Needless to say I almost cried.

2) last weekend I had a grandma come up to me and ask if we had Little House on the Prairie books. She picked the completely right person to ask as LHOTP and L.I.W.  are my life and those were some of the first books I made sure I knew where their location was. Anyway, she told me her grand daughter started reading them recently and was currently on ‘The Long Winter’ and wanted to get her the next one for a present. I told her “Oh great! Little Town on the Prairie is next. It is one of my favorites, although I think I love the whole series equally! Let’s go check the shelf and see if we have it in.” We didn’t. We did however have These Happy Golden Years, my actual favorite, and I told her “I’m sorry ma’am but it looks like we do not have the next one but we do have the one after that, my favorite, if you would like to purchase it and we can order Little Town on the Prairie for you.” She was looked sad but opened the book and looked at the list of books in the front and said ” It says here that the next book is Little Town on the Prairie. Do you have that?” *le sigh* I did eventually convince her to buy These Happy Golden Years because she said other relatives would be buying the rest of the books.

Just a few recent stories that stood out at JBB I thought I would share.


7 thoughts on “Bookselling, a few incidents in the life

    • I KNOW RIGHT?! I seriously almost started crying right then and there. I was almost like ” EXCUSE ME BUT CLEARLY LONDON HAS IT RIGHT! Public transportation, free museums, clean air, good food, STOP COMPLAINING!” Blurg!

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