Feb.7-9, 2014

Hello hello again my captive audience 😉

On Friday afternoon at my full time job we had a meeting about Health in the work place. This time it was mental health. Some Organizational Leadership people came and talked to us about different healthy attitudes and then let us express ways we could make it better. We had to express our feelings and solutions via drawings and things. Here is a clip of my masterpiece:


It wasn’t the all out bitch fest I was afraid it was going to be (thank God!) and I feel like people actually got to learn and share.

So this weekend I had a bunch of fun with Jordan and AZ. They made this delicious Reuben dip and we had it on toasted Rye bread. YUM! We hung out and watched Inglorious Basterds together. I loved it! I have to say that it was a little hard to watch if you are a bit tired because it’s very text heavy and almost all of it is in another language. I did love it though! Jordan and I ended up talking about random stuff before we went to bed. It’s so weird. My family always has deep/meaningful but completely random discussions right before bed. Jordan and I are no stranger to that. It’s like we want to have something to reflect on when we sleep haha.

Saturday, I worked the second job. It was an OK day. Things are changing and not everyone is OK with it. I won’t go into too many details but it is just a very confusing time where I work. I will say though, that I adore working on Saturdays because of story time. It’s so fun to watch the kids interact and have fun. The were read ‘Octopus Garden’ by Ringo Starr (via CD) and then they all got to sing it with him at the end. It was wonderful. I also had a girl say ” You were the nerdfighter I talked to a few weeks ago right?! Awesome! I remember you!” Exciting! Overall, I left feeling worn out and a little depressed, then got home to Jordan and AZ. We got pizza for dinner and they let me pick two movies to watch! The pressure was too much. We ended up watching Timeline and The Hunger Games. I HIGHLY recommend Timeline to everyone. It is such a good movie!  I got a semi frantic photo call from my Hobbit. First off, let me just say that I miss her so much! We never work together anymore 😦 Although I wish she was able to enjoy her news I am glad that she knew she could call me to talk to. I love knowing people trust me and wish to confide in me 🙂

Sunday, I got to work with Howie and Hot Sauce. It was awesome. I love Sundays because that means I get to work with Hot Sauce at the helm and he is the best 🙂 Howie and I had a bunch of fun while getting work done. We were even busy for a bit of time which was great! I really love the group of people I work with at JBB. After I was off the clock, I headed home to get Jordan and the brother and we headed over the river and through the ghetto to Grams house for dinner and a visit. All of my sibs were there and it was a blast. We never have to “do” anything, we just enjoy being together 🙂 We stayed at my Grams to watch the Grammy’s Beatles tribute before heading home for the night.

And that’s what you’ve missed in my life. I’ll fill you in on my Monday when I know how it’s ended 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and until next time, much love to you all!


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