February 10, 2014

Hello again all!

Well, today was a fun day… for a Monday that is.

Went to work, had a pretty good day. Was busy enough to not feel restless but not too busy that I felt stressed. It was a good day! Picked up the Brother and Gracie from school and headed back to work before going heading home with Jordan.  I went to WalMart and spent way too much money on food and pictures and cards and things. It always seems to happen that way I feel.

I got to see Chelle for a bit though! That’s always a great time 🙂

Most of the day was spent working on a little project at home and then I read and went to bed. I’m sorry to say that nothing thrilling happened.

the only “interesting” bit of info I have to share is a new book I am reading.  A customer told me about it on Saturday and bought the last copy for her parents’ anniversary. It’s called ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?’ It’s written by Thompson Square. It’s kind of a novel that is built off the premise of the song. I’m only a handful of pages in right now but I LOVE Thompson Square and I hope it is as great as the song. I’ll keep you updated!

Sorry there isn’t more to share, but that’s Mondays for you… well actually it’s almost EVERY work day 😉

Until next time, much love!


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