February 11, 2014

Today was fun. At work we a little get breakfast thing for a co-worker’s birthday. Sadly she was not there (not quite sure where she was actually) but it was fun to chat and socialize with the coworkers I don’t see as often as I would like. Shared some of our ‘Dock’ stories. I still think mine will always make Jordan laugh til the day she dies. I ran or more accurately sped to a near by post office to mail out a few things. I am praying they get to the people they are supposed to in time. I splurged on Harry Potter stamps so it better work or I will be pissed! Went back to school and finished a book while waiting for Jordan to get out of class. We then headed home chatting about deep things with Jordan (as we usually do) watched Jeopardy and some Little House on the Prairie before heading off to bed.

I’ve come to realize more and more every day how much I enjoy living with my sister one on one. We are similar enough that spending 2 hours watching a LHOTP marathon is an amazing time. Yet different enough that things get done. I like bringing in groceries, she likes unpacking them. I like putting in the laundry she likes folding it. It works! At the same time, I have also found out that my Valentine’s day will consist of watching Psycho with her and AZ. I’m probably gonna bail out on that and watch sappy love stories (About Time and Domhnall Gleeson yay!) in my room.  

Check out the post I am hoping to write later today on Genre and stuff.

So until next time, lots of love!


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