February 13, 2014 (and a little bit about the 12th as well)

A and L

I’m so sorry to you all for not posting a blog about Wednesday. In my defense I did start it 4 times and have the saved drafts to prove it but nothing too thrilling happened and I was having too much fun at work yesterday. I will say my only revelation from Wednesday is that I check out way too many books at once from the library. I need to get a manageable amount at a time since I have so many to get through to begin with. I also realized I have a severe problem with reading one book in a “genre” (my version of genre anyways) and then getting locked into that for awhile. It’s a problem.

Before I talk about Thursday you should REALLY check out my friend Elizabeth’s blog about genre. It is in response to my ‘Genre IS Subjective’ blog. I learned a whole lot from it and I think people should get a look at genre from a English major and almost English M.A. point of view.

Now Thursday. Thursday was SO much fun! I spent most of the day talking with Walbott #1 (Sorry Walbott #2 but I knew him first) about Little House on the Prairie and emailing back and forth about different actors on the show.  We also discovered that Willie Olsen grew up to be a silver fox. My gosh is he pretty! I really can’t describe how nice it is to work with someone that you feel comfortable around. You are able to chat with about pretty much anything and know that they won’t spread it around. I absolutely love that!

After work, I ran some errands and looked for a few little gifts for Valentine’s Day for my little sis. Went home and watched about 5 minutes of Psycho with Jordan, Gracie and Momma before ducking out to go hide in my room. I am the biggest baby when it comes to anything scary. Noooo thank you. So I cleaned out my dresser and organized my receipts and things while I watched Little House on the Prairie 😉

Well, it is now Friday the 14th of February and everyone here is buckling down for another blast of arctic weather. It should be interesting to say the least. I hope all of my friends/family received their Valentine’s Day cards . You all mean so much to me.  Wherever you are I hope you are having a fantastic Valentine’s Day with the one you love or the people you love.

Pleas enjoy this video of Tom Hiddleston as a gift from me to you 😉

Until next time, lots of love from me


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