Februrary 14- Februray 16, 2014

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope you all spent it with people you love and that love you in return. Over here it poured down with snow. I actually took my lunch late in the day at work so I could run to Kroger’s and get some supplies for myself and my sister. I wanted so badly to splurge on a dinner treat for myself but I did not. Tried to stay practical and cheap. I got home safely just as the snow started to fall quite a bit harder. Jordan and AZ were enjoying dinner and he bought her flowers. SO CUTE! They watched some dude movie that did not interest me and I enjoyed Shepard’s Pie in my room while watching (more like skipping through to my favorite parts) 5 different Romantic Comedies in my room. I think I worried Jordan because I was super quiet and stayed to myself. I told myself this Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t feel sorry for myself and I was trying very hard to do so. Hanging out with her and AZ on Valentine’s Day would have just felt weird and sad for me. I did enjoy time just sitting by myself watching a movie though!

The 15th was the first time in a long time I didn’t have to wake up early and head into JBB and I loved every minute of those extra hours of sleep. When I woke up I simply went out to the living room and Jordan and I watched one of those Saturday morning TV movies. It was ‘As Good As It Gets’ and it was adorable. I loved it after I got past the confusing bits in the beginning. Afterwards we went out to lunch and shopping with our mom and baby sister Gracie for a bit.

The 16th I had to go into work an hour before the store opened (why I still don’t know) and worked for 7 hours with one of the coolest girls in the world, my Hobbit, and Hot Sauce. After an incredibly slow work day I got to go to Dewey’s for the first time with Hobbit and her boyfriend. We had a lovely time and I love them both so much. They’re a ton of fun. After our pizza I headed home and then over to my sister and brother-in-law’s place for a little get together. I love love love spending time with my family :). I also watched a bit of ‘The Walking Dead’ for the first time and just as I suspected, no I do not have a strong enough stomach for that show.

Sorry this is such a quick recap. Hopefully I will have some insightful or at the very least opinions for you tomorrow.

Until then, lots of love!


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