February 17, 2014

Not too much fun stuff happened on Monday. I got swamped at work by something I was not expecting until Tuesday and because of that my whole day got knocked off kilter. So, that was fun.

Went home in a monsoon yesterday. Jordan was soaking wet when she came to pick me up. At one point on the way home due to cars in front and on either side of our car we got caught under what felt like a tidal wave. It was only for about 10 seconds but that absolute fear of not being able to see and possibly hitting the car in front of you or a car hitting you is terrifying. Kudos to Jordan for handling it so well. We headed home and I worked on laundry while Jordan made a dent in her homework. Took a quick break to visit with Avril for a bit when she came over to pick up keys to my car. We’re all sharing today 🙂 Not much else happened except for our normal weekday items of watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and a repeat of HIMYM.

Now, onto my mini book review, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? by Thompson Square and Travis Thrasher


As I mentioned in a previous blog a customer bought this for her parents as an Anniversary present because this was “their song”. I absolutely adore this song. I cried the first time I heard it and Shawna and Keifer are two of the most talented, down to earth, and crazy in love people you will ever have the pleasure of seeing on stage.  For those of you that have not watched the video I will post it at the end of this blog.

The song is very light and sweet and I imagine these high school sweethearts that met and fell in love and ” Are you gonna kiss me or not” became a mantra in all the “big” moments in their lives. I thought it was so super cute. The book, no not so much. It was a little bit darker and disappointing.  I know real life isn’t always as sweet as songs/movies and I think that was where they were attempting to go with this, but it dropped the ball in my opinion. The song is so beautiful and heartfelt and this book did not give off that vibe. On top of changing the whole tone of the thing it was based off of, it jumped waaaaaaay too much from present to past and vice versa. What made it even worse is that is would be present, then distant past, then present, then not too distant past that I got confused as to what part of the story and from whose POV I was reading more than once.  The only “redeeming” part of the book was the epilogue which is almost word for word the last verse of the song.

I wish I could have been more positive with my review because I am SUCH a HUGE fan of Thompson Square but I just felt sad and I didn’t want this book to ruin the song for me.  I highly HIGHLY suggest after you watch this video go check out their self-titled debut cd. My personal favorite is the song is either ‘Getaway Car’ or ‘My Kind of Crazy’.

That’s all for me today my lovely followers! Enjoy the video 🙂

Until next time, lots of love!


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