February 18, 2014 When I prove just how nerdy I am

So, first off I started the day of a bad note. Was semi-day dreaming while driving and missed the entrance ramp to take us towards school thus having to go out farther and turn around. I felt so awful because we were running behind as it is and I made my sister late :(. I hate that!

When I got to work it got a little better (thankfully!) as I found out my Wednesday meeting was cancelled! WAHOOOOO! I did a little happy dance when I found out. I still had to type up the minutes from the last meeting (meh :/) but at least there was not going to be another one tomorrow. I get a whole month reprieve! Meetings and such are a part of my job but I was put on a committee that I do not understand, does not apply to me, and that I can make no difference in. It seems stupid.

I had the extreme pleasure of going out to lunch with my best friend Jadis yesterday. I’ve missed her so so much. Between the snow and my being sick followed by her being sick we haven’t seen each other in about 3 weeks. It was awful. I am SO glad we got to go out for some BBQ for lunch. Good food and good company! I love that chick so much!

Jordan and I went along with our normal weekday nights ritual, watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy together. Well, as it is the semi-finals games of College Week Jordan and I have been getting very into rooting for our “favorite” players. Our 2 favorites played against each other and lost (I’m still sad about that) tonight. It was fun watching it when we were both rooting for someone different. Jordan’s favorite guy knew the movie ‘Mannequin‘ which neither one of us thought any one had heard of anymore. My favorite answered a Sherlock question (What is the Hound of the Baskervilles)! Although we were heartbroken at their loss we were excited for the spirited round. I sent a tweet to Jeopardy’s page about how I thought my favorite was pretty cute and that I was sad he wasn’t in the finals. About 5 minutes later my phone lit up with notifications. I remember saying ” Whoa Jordan. Looks like other people follow Jeopardy and were watching tonight.” Little did I know both mine and Jordan’s favorites saw my tweet! Ah! Not gonna lie I still feel a little star struck today that they saw my tweet. It was pretty great. Here is a screen cap from Jordan’s iPad:


After all that excitement and squealing (from me) and laughing (from Jordan) I spent the rest of the night reading. For starting off on a bad note, my day did turn around. All in all it was a winner!

Until next time everyone, lots of love!


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