February 19, 2014- I matter

Wednesday was a lot of fun. I went to dinner and a movie with two of my little sisters and we (FINALLY) saw Frozen. It was sooo cute! I am obsessed with that movie now. We had a lot of fun ( I think) despite the fact that we ended up being stuck in a tiny theater with what seemed to be a birthday party going on. That was kind of awkward but the movie was amazing and I enjoyed the time out with my sisters.

Unfortunately about the same time I got news that my buddy for the Perfect North tubing adventure on Saturday may have to bail. I was extremely sad and this definitely put a damper on my attitude later in the evening. I wouldn’t have cared so much normally but I had to cancel going to a friend’s launch party and support her to go on this adventure. Also, I was excited to finally get to go tubing at Perfect North.

Needless to say I wasn’t in the best mood later that evening and I am disappointed in myself for acting like a selfish brat. I don’t like being that way and that is something I am trying to work on with this blogging adventure. What I am really trying to work on is realizing that I matter. I can say no, I can say that hurts my feelings, and I do not have to be scared about the way people act. I AM allowed to stand up for myself. I think that is the main root of my problems with lashing out at people. I push so much big feelings down that I get super angry over the little things.

Oh well, something to work on for this year.

Sorry for the short post but my day basically consisted of “FROZEN IS SO AWESOME AAHHHH!” and  ” Why did I stay up til 1 am reading. Bad life choice”

Until next time, lots of love!


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