So, it’s been a little bit



Sorry all. I’ve been a bit busy and a bit worn out as of late and was enjoying some time to not have to do anything. I’m sorry this has meant a lack of posts from me.

Well, Thursday, I had a pretty great time with Momma, Jordan, and Gracie. Momma was so nice and came over to do some baking for the mini birthday party I was throwing for my friend on Friday. I sat between Jordan and Gracie as they each worked on homework and bad that I got to sit there and read for fun and not have any real work to do. In my defense, last week (and this week) was crazy at my full time job and I enjoyed the brain break.

Friday, I was able to take off from both jobs and just enjoy a brain break. Actually, I went grocery shopping and cleaned my place spotless but it was nice to be up and moving. More importantly, I got to see Jordan and AZ off to Pittsburgh for their Billy Joel concert. They were both so excited to go on their mini vacation. It was adorable! I know she was ecstatic. After I went over to Jungle Jim’s for some British sweeties ex.-Turkish Delight (NOT as good as they look in the movie) I headed home and spent the whole day dancing around my apartment with the windows open to  Hanson’s Anthem: Live in New York DVD. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fantastic. Most of my friends made it over and I wouldn’t call it a success but I was glad to spend time with all of my friends that came. I love being able to chat with all of them. It was wonderful to see Elizabeth’s husband again too. I still don’t know how I felt about Friday to be honest.

Saturday was pretty cool. I started the day off by finishing a book and starting another before leaving my bedroom. I then headed out to the living room for brunch and just spent the day re-watching TV shows I love. Mindless fun but sometimes you need that. That evening though I went to Perfect North for the first time ever and went snow tubing with some of my family. IT WAS SO COOL AND I AM SO GLAD CHELLE CAME!!!! Personally, I think sledding now pales in comparison. Snow tubing is the way to go! I especially enjoyed not having to trek up the hill each time. Super cool! I enjoyed being able to spend time with the Bailey’s before they head off for their new adventure.

Sunday I had to work. It was an interesting day because unlike last week, we were actually busy and then the credit card machine’s shut down. It was a system wide error so it wasn’t just our store (thank God). I headed home and made myself some dinner and watched some British tv while I waited for Jordan and AZ to get home. I am SO happy they loved Pittsburgh so much. They were both so excited to tell me about their weekend and I know Jordan really needed this with how hard school has been/will be this year. Oh! I also watched the season finale of Downton Abbey. I was a bit confused and I am still not convinced the show is worth my time. It’s just way too dramatic for me.

One thing that was made 100% sure for me was that I am SO glad my sister moved out with me. I do enjoy time alone but it was SO quiet this weekend without her. I just missed having another person there. It was such an odd feeling.

In the world of books, I have kind of got stuck in a “Amish Fiction” phase and I have found a few new authors and series completely on accident thanks to my local library :). I have to say, I have genuinely missed reading for fun. Not reading for a deadline or quickly reading in between assignments. Being able to relax and have time to just enjoy has been fabulous.

Well, have a great week everyone. I’ll try my best not to let it go too long again.

Until next time, lots of love!


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