February 24, 2014

Not much to recount from Monday. Like I’ve said a few times now, my life isn’t particularly interesting. I work, I go home, I watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and read while Jordan does homework. Ok, that last bit makes me feel bad. I wish we could both be out of school and just working but, such is life. Especially when there is a 6 year age difference between us. 

Anyways, during my lazy weekend I was re watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother(HIMYM). I’m a huge fan of the show and have pretty much stuck with it for the 9 years it has been on air.**Spoilers for people who have not yet made it to Season 8. Stop reading**

Well, I was watching the season 8 episode called ‘The Time Travelers’. It’s the episode in which Ted and Barney are visited by “Future Ted & Future Barney”  while deciding whether or not to go to Robots vs Wrestlers: Legends. Every time the pair decide to leave another “future” apparition appears. The goes on and on before ending in all the versions of Ted and Barney singing Billy Joel’s  ‘The Longest Time’ together. (This is also the episode with the Minnesota Tidal Wave drink debacle) . Well, REAL future Ted, aka the narrator, aka Bob Saget says ” Kids, you know that if I could time travel back 30 years, you know where I would go.” the episode then shows “present” Ted running from Maclearan’s to the Mother’s apartment and he says this speech: “Hi. I’m Ted Mosby. In exactly forty-five days from now, you and I are gonna meet. And we’re gonna fall in love. And we’re gonna get married, and… we’re gonna have two kids. And we’re gonna love them and each other so much. All of that is forty-five days away. But I’m here now, I guess, because I want those extra forty-five days. With you, I want each one of them. And if I can’t have them, I’ll take the forty-five seconds it takes before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in my face. Because… I love you. I’m always gonna love you. ‘Til the end of my days, and beyond”

Now, here is what has got me worried (and has been on my mind for the past 4 days). We all know that Ted is a romantic sap. We’ve learned that over and over and over again watching this show. What scares me is that

  1. Future Ted would go back to see her again, 45 days early
  2.  He said 45 extra days

……what if the mother is not alive in the year 2030 when we started this journey? What if Ted is telling them about all of this because the kids never got to hear the story from both of them?

Now, I hope and pray this is not true. Ted and the Mother (whose name we still do not know! Grrr!) are PERFECT for each other. Like seriously the other half of each other. After putting in 9 years of commitment into this show I would seriously hope that Thomas and Bays would not do that to us. I’ve also seen in articles and things that they both promise the mother will be in the final episode when we finally reach 2030. So, here’s hoping!!!!

Quick side note about tonight’s episode, I know they played that cruel CRUEL trick on us that Barney and Robin had a kid only to find out they were passed out drunk in another person’s room. BUT did anyone notice just how capable they both seemed to be? Neither one seemed shocked by a baby crying and they both referred to the baby as “her”. Like it was a familiar occurrence for them. Hmmm. I think they may actually have a kid in the future! 

Welp, yes. My life IS that unexciting that I have been thinking about HIMYM plot twists. Well, that and reading. I highly suggest Shelley Shepard Gray’s Families of Honor series. It’s SO good.

Sorry for the randomness of this blog post today. Thank you all for reading it again 🙂

Until next time, lots of love



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