Adele Dazim and HIMYM


I can honestly say, I do not think anyone has gotten more enjoyment out of this than Jordan. There is nothing that makes her laugh harder than mistakes. Especially when people embarrass themselves on a large scale, like at the Oscars. She is still laughing today about “Adele Dazim” and probably will burst out laughing when she does finally read this. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars this year. Ellen is BRILLIANT and so hysterical and she did a wonderful job!

A few things to review from the Oscars:

  1. Jared Leto- My God. I am completely in love with that man. he is gorgeous, so nice, so well spoken and is unafraid to speak is mind and show that he loves his family. Kudos to you sir.
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch and his mad photo bombing skills… and just him in general.
  3. Happy- that song is infectious. I dare you to not clap while listening to it. It was just as infectious the night of the Oscars as well.
  4. I love that Ellen brought pizza
  5. Why in the world did they have Idina Menzel sing the incredibly popular kid song at the (almost) end of the show?
  6. I told Jordan at the beginning of the show ” Travolta?! Why is he there?! He’s so past it! The weirdo! Ugh! Move BEHIND Benedict!” and she laughed at me.
  7. Adele Dazim… um wtf Travolta?! Who does NOT KNOW IDINA MENZEL?! WHAT?! Where did you even GET Adele Dazim from?!


Now, can we just take a quick minute to talk about how wonderful and how incredibly heart breaking last night’s How I Met Your Mother Was? I don’t know how many of you caught it early on that something “big” was going to happen in the episode. If you re watch the part where she calls him Pooh Bear you should catch it.  Well, I was hoping my theory was wrong and I know that there is still time and it might all be ok but tonight’s episode all but proved it for me. I don’t think my heart will be able to take it if Ted doesn’t get his happy ending after all of this. I mean come on guys! You’re supposed to be a comedy show. Please. PLEASE?!



As upsetting as the majority of Monday night’s episode entitled Vesuvius was, I did enjoy that they did not make Robin a Bridezilla and that we finally saw her mom… oh and Swarley.

Anyone, that’s all I have to say right now. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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