March 4, 2014

Wow. Looks like I have already begun to slack on my year of blogging. To be honest, I don’t know how the professionals do it. Well, maybe it’s because they have 1) the time and money not to work 2 jobs and more importantly 2) have working computers and things. Mine is quite literally living on a prayer right now :/

Anyways, the more important reason as to why I have been MIA for most of last week is that my mom has been sick. My brother was sick last weekend and my mom took care of him. From Sunday to Thursday she somehow managed to catch whatever virus he had and it hit with a vengeance. This is probably because my mom never rests or does anything for herself, so her incredibly tired body didn’t have the energy to fight it. It was so bad that I had to pick her up from work, which has never happened before, and she shuffled like a Zombie from the hospital to the car, from my car to my sister’s spare bedroom and hibernated for about 2 days. Seriously. Avril said that she didn’t see her for about 5 hours one day and ended up going in the room to check her pulse. I have to say as much as I hate to see my mom sick, it was funny when we finally got her out of the hospital (she works there. No one freak.) it looked like we were smuggling a body out of the place as she had a white hospital blanket that she wrapped around her body (face and head included) and was sitting slightly tilted in the wheelchair as we headed out. It still hasn’t reached the point where it is “funny” yet but it’s getting there!

So, Friday, I had to get the siblings ready and to school. Much more difficult now that I do not live a mile away from school. Went to my full time job and got yelled at my people who didn’t listen to the rules. Went to a “healthy workplace meeting” before sprinting to my car to make it in time to job number two. Let me just say, I was not ready to Friday night. It was INSANELY busy, the store was trashed, mulitple groups of teens were in there hanging out to kill time aka trashing the store and we had a HUGE kid’s event the next day. Oh, and I should also mention, after 7 pm there were only 3 of us (more like 2) working in the store. Needles to say, it was trashed come 10 pm. I won’t go into details because the people that need to know them already do and it would take way to long to explain how angry and disappointed I was/am at the store manager. He not only didn’t explain what happened the next day he called in sick to avoid it! WHAT?! Gah!

There is a reason why having kids is something adults should do and it was proved time and time again this weekend. What I forgot to mention early on in my story was that on top of the bro and Momma being sick, Gracie also had to get her updated immunizations done. For most people (me) this would be terrifying. Gracie however considers anything to do with anything medical an adventure. Well, she was allergic to one of her vaccines and eh arm was starting to blow up. So again, big problem. My mom was too sick to call on Thursday like planned and it was not getting any better no matter what we did. So, I called and I again rearranged plans and ran in circles to make sure we got Gracie back there in time. I do not like my sister being sick, but I am glad to know that I wasn’t failing as a care giver and that her body did need additional help to fight off the infection (yes INFECTION) at the injection site and that it has gotten better.

Also, it was my momma’s birthday on Saturday! We had so many plans to hang out and celebrate the wonderful woman that she is but unfortunately those ended up being temporarily postponed. She was at least able to sit with us and sit up and open her presents which meant we had made progress over the pass couple of days! We spent the night at Avril and the bro in law’s place had pizza and cake and played a few games and watched a new TV show called ” Surprise! It’s a Puppy!” with Avril. She is addicted to puppy surprises so to see a tv show all about that made her over the moon. I do want to say take a minute to say though, that my mom is the best woman on this planet. Despite the fact that there are times when she thinks a little off key from the rest of the world, she is the most loving, supportive and kind person you will every meet in this world. I think we’d all live in a better place if we thought like her. Happy Birthdya Momma! I love you!


Momma and I

Sunday was.. funny. We had another round of ugly winter weather up here. “Titan” hit us with more ice than snow. Jordan and I needed to re stock the pantry so we went out early Sunday morning and got food. Needless to say, in some areas it was slim pickings and we spent probably more than necessary but oh well. When we left I almost got ran over by a guy in a van determined to park on top of a pile of ice next to my huuuuge 1981 Buick LeSabre and screamed at my the woman waiting for my spot. It. Was. Insane.

I did though enjoy the surprise snow day yesterday! That was a welcome blessing as I was about to pass out from exhaustion and I was crazy behind on laundry. I just wish I would have been a little less lazy and hung out with Avril for a bit before her party thing last night :/

Before I close this I want to send a huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU out to my sister and her husband. Thank you SO Much for taking care of mom and keeping her quarantined so that I could run everything else. I don’t think I could have handled it all. You guys are the best and I appreciate your help more than I can say and express. I love you both.

I think that has you all caught up for now. I will try my best to post more consistently. Hopefully nothing will fall apart again (knock on wood!)

As ever, until next time, lots of love from me. 🙂


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