March 6, 2014 (in which I try not to fan girl)

Ok, so. Sorry for the depressing post  guys. There are some days where the stress of everything hits me and to be honest I find it very hard to pull myself to that happy place.

I had a pretty OK day at work. I was super pumped for my second job though as 2 authors were going to be there! Everything went fine, I was busy and content until right before I left for the day and my boss said something that hurt my feelings a bit. I know it wasn’t meant to (maybe) but I just hate when she implies I’m not helpful enough. Helping people is what I love! I crave for things to do here so I find it more than a little unfair when someone implies I am not helping out. So I headed to job number 2 with a little loss of enthusiasm but I pulled it together. There are days like yesterday that make the exhaustion I feel from juggling 2 jobs totally worth it. IT WAS SO AWESOME! Kathy Reichs the creator of the Bones book series that the TV show is based on and her son Brendan were at JBB last night for a book signing. They were releasing the 4th book in their YA series Virals and I was attempting (and failing horribly) not to act like a giggly fan girl. Here’s the thing, I LOVE the TV show Bones. Love it. But I have a weak stomach and an over active imagination so they don’t always work well for me. Needless to say I was a little afraid to approach her works. I have so much respect for her though because she is a forensic anthropologist herself. She knows first hand what the work of her characters are like. I don’t want any authors out there to think that I am saying she is superior in any way. I just think it adds something to the work that she has first hand knowledge of the field.

Well, the fact that they were there was awesome enough for me. Hobbit watched the register so I could go hear some of their discussion. Michael one of the JBB guys let me stand around and sticker all of their autographed books, thus giving me another reason to listen in. It was awesome. (Bonus: Brendan is super cute!) So I floated back to the register with the books I nabbed while adding stickers to them super happy. It was then that Walbott #2 came over the head set and said that he was swapping me out at the register and to go to the fountain to “help Michael.” I should add here that the first time I had met Michael was about 3 hours earlier. Confused, I did as I was told. Come to find out, thanks to Walbott #2, the Reichs’ had been informed of my love of the show and I got to MEET THEM IN PERSON! BLAAHHHH WHAT?! As a Bibliophile this was almost too much to handle. I played it cool… I think ;). They were both incredibly nice and I was honored to meet them! Woooo! So awesome!

Also, with the help of Jordan and Walbott #1 I finished my evaluation and sent it off this morning! Hallelujah! I feel so much better. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU both sooo much for the help! I feel very insecure and inadequate when I write. So, clearly the best choice was the start a blog right? 😉 

Well, hope you’re having a WONDERFUL Friday wherever you are. I’m excited to go see the brother’s play tonight and going to the movies with Jordan the weekend/week, and a Cheesecake Factory date on Tuesday with J.K. and Walbott #1. Ya!

Until next time all, lots of love!Image



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