March 7-9, 2014 My weekend

Starting off with Friday: Went out to eat with Momma, Grams, Avril, Jordan, and AZ before the Brother’s play. We had a lovely dinner at Applebees, the pomegranate Iced Tea= delicious! Sadly since it was s Friday in lent we were all fairly limited in our options. We all had a lot of fun talking and just being together though so I can’t complain. We split up into 3 separate groups to head off to the play. Avril and I with Grams, Jordan and AZ in his car, and Momma headed off to check of Gracie. Trying to kill time, my group stopped at Kroger’s to attempt to purchase some quarters for Avril and the bro-in-law for laundry. It’s nice to know that even though she is married, I can still do things to help out my little sis. Unfortunately, all of us arrived at the high school before the person with the cash for tickets (aka Momma) and since it was the night for their Cappies judging (its like the Tony Awards for High schools) that meant lack of seats (or so we thought). As if being stared at by a dumb blonde making sure we didn’t sneak in wasn’t enough, come to find out she could not do basic math, and had a bad attitude. What bugs me, is that my family alone was paying  around 40 dollars to get in to this play. Not to mention all the money my mom for the past FOUR YEARS has put into Scott’s Drama department it was insane. I really dislike power hungry people. This was the play we were going to see:

Imageto be 100% honest I still can’t tell you anything about the first half of the play. Seriously. The British accents were so awful. My Grams didn’t understand 1 word of the performance, one sister almost had a panic attack when the second act started (she didn’t want to sit there anymore), and my mom fell asleep. We were all clearly invested in the performance. I am so sad that this was the last Cappies play my brother was in since he is one of the graduating seniors. He and his 5 minutes on stage were I think the most I understood of the entire time we were there. Has anyone else seen Quality Street? If so, what was your opinion?   As we were leaving we caught a glimpse of the girlfriend my brother claims he “forgot” to tell us about. We also saw him kiss her. I really think, as an older sibling, there are some things in life you are not meant to see. This was one of them. I just.. no. Not ok. He’s my baby brother! He’s the only one I got and I don’t like that he is an adult now. 😦 We ended the night with a late night run to Awful Waffle (aka Waffle House) for some lent approved goodies.

Saturday, I went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel with Jordan and Avril. I LOVE CRACKER BARREL. It is so so delicious. It does not get better than country cooking. Mmmmm mmmmm! Afterwards, Jordan and I headed over to the “dollar” theater to see: Image

It was fantastic! I highly recommend it! From what I’ve heard, its 100 times better than Leo’s new movie (unfortunately for Jordan). We then spent an insane amount of time driving from Redbox to Redbox looking for Dallas Buyers Club because I had a free rental code. Of course, it was out everywhere seeing as how it’s 2 male stars took home Oscars for their performances. Ah well, we get to watch it with AZ tonight after HIMYM! Wooo!

Sunday I will not fill you in too much on. Simply because it ended with me getting sick 😦 I hate getting./being sick. I did enjoy time with my Grams though! She is the best thing since sliced bread and I love her so much!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, lots of love!


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