Goodbye HIMYM


I don’t know how many of you are How I Met Your Mother fans, but for those of you who are not, tonight is the series finale. I may or may not write a review about the finale after I arise from what I’m sure will be many many feels later this evening but I wanted to take a minute to talk about it before the finale tonight.

I have so many mixed feelings about this tonight. First and foremost, I don’t want this show to end. It has been on for nine years, NINE YEARS!  It premiered on September 19, 2005 (8 days after my 18th birthday). In 2005: I graduated high school, my parents got a divorce, and I finally got my driver’s permit. Needless to say, 2005 was a big year.

I know that there have been quite a few shows that have ran somewhere close to/more than nine years but HIMYM was the first one that I:

  • started at watching it from when the show premiered to the end (sorry Charmed/Friends)
  • was old enough to really understand/remember all the episodes/plot points (sorry Touched By An Angel).  This show, has been a pretty big part of my life and so saying goodbye tonight is going to be hard to get through.

This season has reminded me just how great of a show this is! There were quite a few times where they lost me (the entire Zoey season for example) but they really brought it back in season 9 which is making it just that much harder to say goodbye.  I have spent the past few weeks re watching old episodes on Netflix and am discovering little things they have worked into this season that I had forgot about. I hope they finally tell us about the pineapple though! Gah! We also FINALLY found out Blah Blah’s name (It’s Carol. How boring!)!

What has really stuck with me though is how Ted has only given up once on this quest to find the mother, and that was right before he met her. His life is not where he imagined it. He expected to have the nice house and 2.5 kids a while ago but he never stopped trying. This has really stuck with me. I thought by the time I was 6 months shy of 27 I would be married, possibly with a kid or a kid on the way, teaching History at some living history site. I did not think it possible to not only be single but as unattached as a person can get.  I can understand that feeling of being lost and not knowing where to go since your perfectly thought out plan didn’t pan out that way.

Even though it’s ending, I am excited for a lot that the episode is going to cover (WHAT IS THE MOTHER’S NAME?!)!

So, in conclusion, thank you Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney for being a consistent in my life for the past 9 years. Thank you for making me laugh. I’m sorry to see you go.

final bow


One thought on “Goodbye HIMYM

  1. I haven’t watched/don’t watch but I’ve seen a lot of the episodes, and I hear the finale was pretty shitty. I’m not really afraid of internet spoilers, so I know what happens, and yeah it sounds like a lot of bull shit. Lol I think I’ve seen that episode where Robin and Ted fight about the dogs like four times.

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