I’m so sorry TM (and I don’t mean Ted! He deserves nothing!)

So, this is going to be as short and sweet as I can make it. Mostly, because my Twitter feed is already full of what I am about to say.

I am SO INSANELY DISAPPOINTED, SAD, ANGRY, HURT, etc over the HIMYM finale. No. No no no no no.


I spent so much of my life watching this show. Waiting and waiting and waiting for the moment when Ted meets her and everything is happy. I put so much into that happy ending. I NEEDED to see that happy ending. Instead, I got a nice swift kick in the gut about 15 minutes into the show. HOW DARE YOU. In about 45 minutes you changed the course, tone, and meaning of the show. If this was how it was all going to end I wish I wouldn’t have invested 9 years into this.

I feel so bad for Tracy (HORRIBLE name. Dudes! Leia was the obvious choice!). She was completely and utterly perfect and in the end was demoted to “Baby Mama” since Ted was completely ok getting back with Robin now that he had those kids. I believe no one should be alone, but COME ON! IT DIDN’T WORK! It’s not GOING to work! I just.. what happened to those 45 days Ted?!


What happened to wanting to spend 45 EXTRA DAYS WITH HER?! Was it all a lie?! I’m just so done.

I officially need to move on and not think about it anymore so I can be happy.

So, Goodbye HIMYM for real this time. I don’t know if and when I can watch you again….



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