Strings and a quick update of April 9th

Yesterday my “Keep Calm and Carry On” calendar had this quote:” The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places” (Hemingway). This really struck me, especially since I recently finished Paper Towns. This idea of strings, that we as humans are made of strings, has been sitting in my mind

There is a line towards the end of Paper Towns where Q says: “I like the strings… Because that’s how it feels. But the strings make pain seem more fatal than it is, I think. We’re not as frail as the strings would make us believe.” I could not get that image out of my mind. Mostly because it’s quite perfect and appropriate. When you have been hurt, depressed, brokenhearted, and bogged down I feel like it is so hard to not feel the pain of those string snapping apart. It hurts. What I think make humans tougher than we seem, is being the person that holds it all together. I imagine a version of me standing there holding the strings in both hands and keeping me moving day in and day out when the days get too hard. I think that’s why I love the quote so much. It’s truly perfect.

It also goes hand in hand with Hemingway’s quote above. There is no denying that the events that happened that caused my “broken places” or “broken strings” hurt and were hard to get past. I’m here to tell you though that I am a stronger person because of them. Its when you fill in those holes and knot the strings back together that you learn some of the best life lessons. You are never really going to be completely whole again, but that’s ok! In fact, it’s better that way! Who wants to be perfect?! Not me! I will however, be the perfect Katie that I can. Spackle, knots, and all 🙂 

Now, a quick run down on April 9th. Jordan and I discovered, we do not like ribs. Or at least the way Kremer’s market cooks them. Just.. no. Continuing with our work out regime, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I need to learn to walk a bit faster as I am ALWAYS far behind her. We then headed home to try the new Jillian Michaels work out DVDs I got from the library.  I seriously thought I was going to pass out or throw up at some point. She is not messing around. It kills. We’re doing “Ripped in 30” which should be quite interesting since we can only check out movies for a week but oh well! we’ll get there! Fingers crossed I don’t blow out my knee before then! Seriously though, I am incredibly proud of my little sister. She is super committed to this and is so encouraging when I want to just cry in a ball on the floor. I couldn’t do it without her!

Lots of love everyone!


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