Feeling unappreciated on 4/10/14

Ok so, before I launch into a quick recap I just have to say, wearing extremely cute vintage looking boots (think Little House on the Prairie) when you’re going to be on your feet for a long time, not a good idea.

Well, full time job went really well actually. Got some things accomplished and got a lot of compliments on my dress and boots (which is always appreciated!). Then headed over to JBB to cover for my Hobbit. Well, things got interesting.

I was warned what was about to happen and to be honest I didn’t fully pay attention to the implications. I was kind of just like “meh. what’s new”. Every time I walk into that place lately a new, stupid policy that will take more time completing than helping customers has been established. So I was not shocked to find out some new scheduling thing was going on. Little did I know, that new scheduling thing was chopping down (DRASTICALLY) hours of people like me that work there part time. We were all told in an email blast sent out to the whole company and placed in our staff mailboxes that we were all “semi-fired”. Meaning that if those of us that were not considered “core” employees are placed on the schedule (at all) it would be inconsistent and for very little time.  Here is from the email:

“I sincerely hope these 17 days of notice are enough time for you to find supplementary income or other plans to fulfill your needs. “

Excuse me, quick poll, in what universe can you find a job/supplemental income in 17 days?! I wish this wasn’t for real.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I have a well paying full time job but I have rent and bills to think of now and the money I earned there was a nice safety net. I do still need that money.  I feel incredibly bad for the people I know that work there that DON’T have another option. Also, about half of the people that are seasoned veterans to JBB and/or worked at the Borders that used to be there were left off the list! I mean how unfair is that?!  If that wasn’t enough, he shared the schedule of those “core” people at the bottom of the email. Cause that isn’t a kick in the gut at all! Hey you’re kind of not working here anymore but here’s how many hours everyone else is working!

This was highly unprofessional and rude. My feelings are more than a little hurt by knowing that I am not considered a core member to the JBB team. I thought we all worked pretty great together…

I feel bad for my co-workers who are going to get hard by this new set up.

I am mostly pissed off because he hired 2 new kids Team Leaders and has a ” Joseph Beth career opportunities” sign on the door while cutting all of our hours.  I may just be a lowly History major grad to you but I think that if you got out of your office long enough to see how little your suggestions were helping the store we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a much better Thursday. I’m interested to know what others think about his strategy.

Lots of love!


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