Job Stress, Girlfriend time, Family time and Ripped in 30. My weekend

How is everyone?! Good I hope! Currently we are experiencing some very weird weather in the NKY. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief period of warm weather we had on Saturday and Sunday. That was nice. Now we are supposed to get snow. Such is the life!

Anyhoo, things were semi-settled with JBB. Meaning that all of the co-workers kind of rallied and we all relied on each other. It was a nice example of just why I love working there so much. No one was out to get anyone. We were all just genuinely concerned about one another.  I hope management realized that their people made a good team. Do not mess it up… please?

I got to spend Friday with CP and Beth. Catching up on life and stuff. It is so awesome to be able to hang out and just talk for hours and not worry about time, running out of things to say, or not  sounding smart enough. That is so freeing. That meant though, that Beth and I did not leave until after midnight. My body did not enjoy that and so I slept in until 11:15. That hasn’t happened in a while! I wouldn’t trade sleep for time with them any day though. 🙂

Saturday, after waking up pretty late in the day, I started another day of “Ripped in 30” with Jordan. That DVD is KILLER! Gah! That being said, my legs are feeling stronger, I have a bit more tolerance for the exercises, and I genuinely feel better and more productive with my day. I am excited to see how it ends up the closer we get to the end of the DVD. After our morning work out we went over to my Grams house and hung out with her for a bit. While my brother cut the grass we helped my Grams clean her windows. That was a terrifying experience I don’t really want to relive again anytime in the near future.  Heavy windows, my Grams on a ladder… no thank you.

Sunday, I worked at JBB. Beth came and visited me for a bit which was AWESOME! I loooooove workplace visits! They’re the best! Woo! Plus, she has a super cool shirt that I am jealous of. Historical puns! Woo!

I think that catches everyone up. Not too much to share, just quality time with a majority of the people I love most in this world.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!

Lots of love!



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