Sprint Week Story: “The Ghost and I Watched the Sky Fall Together”

Wow. Just wow. One of my very best and incredibly talented friends wrote a amazing story. I love it. Read it! 🙂

Liz Writes Stuff

Well, dear Readers, Sprint Week is over! I had an awesome time working with and learning from Kelcey Parker this week, and I think I got some good ideas out of it. I’m excited about the prospects this new knowledge and outlook (story=structure) will have on my writing. I promised that I would post the story that I wrote for this week, and so here it is! I’m actually pretty happy with the final product. I wanted the woman who falls off the building at the beginning to kind of perpetually be dying/dead throughout the piece, and hopefully the italicized sections give that feel. Since the format for this piece is pretty important and this blog probably wouldn’t let me do the things I want, I’m just attaching it here as a PDF for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the beginning to get you started:

One hand in front of the…

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