Take Me Out to the Ballgame April 15, 2014

Well, it snowed yesterday. Yes, snowed. On April 16th. On a day we were supposed to go to a Reds game. Unbelievable! Jordan was also sick so it was a waiting game all day to see if we were going to make it.


Well, we made it! AZ and I were especially pumped to go. I missed all season last year so I couldn’t wait to head over. Of course the ONLY time it was sunny all day was during the 2 hours between myself getting off work and Jordan getting out of class.  Yet, it wasn’t miserable at least! We walked over to the stadium and it was breezy, but comfortable.  They were actually playing a double header so we would have saw 2 games but we made it during the 40 minute turn around time between our game and the one previous. We of course got the typical baseball snacks (hot dogs, nachos) and headed to our seats. I was still hoping for the best. That was soon shot straight down the tubes.  My Lord was it cold! There is no where in Great American Ballpark that will protect you from the wind.  With it being situated right on the Ohio River that makes it even worse! No amount of throw blankets was going to help. We eventually left at the start of the seventh inning because at that point we had all loss feeling in our fingers and toes. Not worth it.

I will say though, that I love GABP. It’s very well set up, they make it fan friendly, and I love watching the Reds! Even when they disappoint me. Which they didn’t on Tuesday so yay! I truly think every Southern Ohio/ Northern Kentuckian should visit the ballpark at least once a season.

I thought I would tack on a little bit about the 16th as well.  Not too much happened. Work, ran by the store, made dinner. The thing I want to talk about is mine and Jordan’s new work out regime. I feel like every tendon in every joint is screaming at me.  I am not THAT out of shape but these muscle toning things KILL.  I kind of feel like I should have done her “shred in 30” work out before attempting the muscle tone.  My little sister has been the most encouraging person through all of this. She never gives up. She always has a kind word to say to me. Always pushes herself to keep going. What do I do? Try not to cry. I know it will be worth it and I’ve also definitely felt the toning in my ab muscle start.  Not anything noticeable, but I definitely FEEL better.  That’s gotta be something right?

Well, I hope you all are having a very wonderful Easter week. Hoping to post a book review shortly!

Lots of Love!


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