Attachments, A Review


Frankly, Rainbow Rowell has just briefly came on my radar. You can’t work at a bookstore this year without people constantly asking for Eleanor and Park so I had recently become aware of her. Well, the store I work at has monthly “staff picks” in which all of us bibliophiles get to recommend a book (within certain parameters that is) and it is 20% off for that month to the rewards customers. For April this book was one of my co-workers choice. I am so SO glad that she picked this book and brought it to my attention.

A quick summary is Lincoln is hired by this firm to essentially monitor the emails of the people that work there. He works a third shift, goes through the flagged emails, and sends out “warnings” to those that break the company rules i.e. use it to chat with friends, etc. Well, 2 girls ALWAYS end up in his flagged file. (Can’t say too much more or I may spoil things) Here is a link to the Goodreads page.

I absolutely ADORED this book! It was so CUTE. Frankly, I find any chic lit book where I can actually empathize with the “hero” better in comparison. Most chic lit books take the “easy” way out by having this Knight in Shining Armor sweep in  and save the Damsel from this drab or boring or lonely life. It’s never ever the guy that needs rescuing (side note, maybe that’s why I love Nicholas Nickleby so much….).

The reason why I wrote a small review on this book is because a friend of mine said that the romance was “creepy”. I guess I can understand why she would think so. I happen to disagree. One reason is because in an odd way, the book kind of mirrors online dating and all those weird new apps we have to blindly “date” people. If we’re going to be truthful though I think it’s because I love the idea of someone falling in love with me because of who I am not the way I look or the way people assume I am. If only people could get an unfiltered look at who we truly are I feel couples would last a lot longer. I am very insecure live and in person because I have been burnt so many time but once you get to know me, I will bend over backwards to help people and to make sure people know they are loved and appreciated. I think I have references to back that up (… I hope). I guess I am a little sick and tired of having to work pass my baby face (yes I am 26 people. I hate when guys call me “kid”) and the extra 30 pounds ;(

I know that there are many different people with many different tastes in reading and maybe it is my lack of an English degree but I happened to think this story was pretty darn near perfect.

Check it out and tell me what you think! I am very excited for her upcoming book Landline!



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