My baby sister

Hello all.

I just wanted to take a quick minute and talk about my the youngest of the crew, my baby sister Gracie. This was brought on because we got to spend a majority of the weekend together and had an awesome time.


On the way to Tennessee last December of 2012

One of the things I love most about her is that without trying, she understands the 4 of us older siblings so well. She is completely in tune with us which makes me sad on days that we unintentionally tune her out.  I know she probably didn’t know this but I have been struggling with trying not to sink back into my depressed world view lately.  What she did though was 1) offered to have a Warehouse 13 marathon with me because she really did like the few episodes we watched and 2) Go see Captain America 2 with me so I didn’t go by myself.  Any time I get to spend with any of my siblings is a blessing. We had an absolute blast Saturday (or at least I hope!)!

She came over so we could go see Captain America. She did not come empty handed.  She had created another WONDERFUL piece of Sherlock themed art for my and Jordan’s place. I have not taken a picture yet though. I apologize.  We then headed over to see the gorgeous Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan in Captain America.  It was so funny because at the worst possible moment I said ” I KNOW WHO HE IS NOW!” it had been driving me crazy what other things I had seen Sebastian Stan in since Captain America 1 (the answer, Once Upon a Time) and Gracie just rolled her eyes at me.  Then we head back home for some Warehouse 13 viewing, went out for some English Breakfast Tea lattes (her expression was priceless) before eventually heading over to Grams house for the 2nd episode of Orphan Black.  We even took a little detour to Half Priced Books to find a “No Fear Shakespeare” or equivalent for Romeo and Juliet for Gracie. As per usual, we walked out with more than we intended.  As soon as we stepped out of the door from HPB Gracie said

” So Katie. That guy, what did you think?”

Me : ” Omg! It’s like you just get me!”

G: ” Yeah I saw him and I was like Oh no. She likes him. Then he folded his arms and you could see his muscles and I was like, dude that’s not even fair.”

Me: ” OMG right?! My heart is still fluttering a bit.”

G: ”  You see. We just have this connection. I just know.”

Basically, my baby sister is one of the greatest blessings in my life.  We sometimes have a very weird relationship due to the fact that I had a hand in raising her because my dad was almost out of the picture by the time she was about 3.  We go back and forth between a sister relationship and a quasi-mother/daughter relationship which presents it’s challenges. At the end of the day though, she is an extremely talented, bright, mature, mini-me (in age not in height… unfortunately) and I am so thankful for her everyday.

You are one of the best parts of our family Gracie Lou. Don’t forget it.



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