April 30, 2014 and a bit of the 1st (so far)

Well, today has been a bit of a rough day at work. I feel pushed to my limits with some people and I just don’t know if I can hold out 2 more months for the new person. I’m so tired. So tired. So, anyways, send nice thoughts my way please!

So, for a positive spin, my family may actually get vacation things booked prior to 2 weeks before leaving! Woo! This is progress for my family. Seriously. Gracie and I have even decided we may vlog while on vacation. Since neither of us have the best computer, we’ll see how it works out. If it DOES work out I can PROMISE you there will be a lot of crying…. I may love Revolutionary American History a bit too much…. It will probably sound like this ” Thomas Jefferson sat here! The declaration was in this room! I just.. I can’t.. Sit down John! Sit down John! For God’s sake John sit down!” I mean you get the picture. Anyways, fingers crossed we get a move on! I really don’t think I can express in words just how excited I am to FINALLY see Philadelphia. I’m sure all History lovers appreciate it but my first love will always be Early Colonial to post Revolutionary war American History so this will be just too many emotions for me to handle.

So, that’s it for this post I think… I just had a super awesome time yesterday hanging out with the baby sis again and Momma. Can’t wait for vacation! Yeah!

Lots of Love from Me


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