I’m sorry Harper, it’s just not working

In the Fall, I took a class called Literature and Film: Jane Austen. As a self proclaimed Austen fan I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to read and discuss Austen’s book and the movies made with people of the same mind as me. The class actually went fairly well and it definitely was enjoyable but what happened was it got me hooked on what I like to call “Jane Austen Fan Fiction”. I don’t mean your normal online “OTP” filled fan fictions. These were actual published works. So far, my favorite is Darcy’s Passion which is Pride and Prejudice retold from Darcy’s point of view (SO AWESOME!) with a little bit of their married life tied into the end.

I now had a new focus. Read modern adaptations or “fan fictions” of her books. So you can bet I was insanely excited to see this at JBB this holiday season:


This book led me to Harper publishing company’s “Austen Project”. Basically what is happening is popular authors from today are re-telling Austen’s stories in a modern setting. For example, Marianne plays guitar (not piano) and Elinor is studying to become and architect. It could work right? WRONG! It just seems too ridiculous of a plot now. Marianne is presented as SO whiny and beyond helpless.  I honestly don’t believe that the core story of Sense and Sensibility can be applied to our times. It’s too ridiculous to believe that in 2013/14 London they truly could not find any jobs and would be destitute. I just couldn’t believe it.

My personal favorite of  Austen’s is Northanger Abbey. It’s just such a sweet love story and one of the things I love about it is that it CAN be translated into modern times. The theme of living a sheltered life and then growing up and not realizing how to see the world. Learning that you cannot take everyone at face value. Guys finding a girl’s complete inexperience in the way of flirting and dating not unattractive or vulnerable but sweet. Plus, the heroine’s name is Catherine (spelled different but oh well) and she is a bibliophile/tomboy. It doesn’t get any better than that! So to my utter happiness and surprise:


TA DA! Next up in the project and recently released! My favorite! Wooo! More people will read it now. Happy Dance for me!

Record Scratch

“Cat” loves “modern vampire novels”?! WHAT?! She and Henry live in sin?! No! No no no! You stop that right now! Now, admittedly I only made it 2 chapters into the book (she compared listening to Stoker’s Dracula with the first time she ate an olive, seriously.) before the bile in my throat forced me to read the last chapter/epilogue to see if it was worth my time. I did not find it impressive at all. I wanted to cry at the fact that this is what people would see of the book. A Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse obsessed fan. What they should be seeing is this beautiful love story:

will youyes 1 <–(Just look how happy he is!)

yes 2northanger a  <– (so awkward yet so adorable!)

(Side note, if you haven’t yet- go watch the JJ Field/Felicity Jones version of Northanger Abbey. *tears*)

I am genuinely so sad and disappointed in the selection we’ve gotten so far. Maybe it’s just my personal taste. Has anyone else read/watch Austen’s work and read these? I know this is just my opinion but I really, truly, did not like either of them. That disappoints me greatly with how much I love Northanger….

Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to hear your opinions!

Lots of Love from Me




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