Using my talents May 1st

So, I think I mentioned on an earlier post that my little sis Avril is now a Mary Kay consultant. While I will never ever like and/or wear make up I try to support my siblings in whatever they do. Yesterday was her debut party! Wahoo! (No sarcasm intended). I don’t think my sister knew how much I needed to be useful and around familiar faces yesterday. (Work was kinda awful)

Anyhoo, she texted me yesterday morning and asked if I could come help her set up for the party that night. I don’t know if you guys know this yet but I LOVE helping people. Seriously. Any time I can organize things, set up, tear down, whatever. I love being useful. Especially when it has to do with organizing things. So needless to say I about jumped out of my skin when the opportunity arose to help out.  I got there early and unwrapped things, but things in her decorative bowls, just helped organize things. I even got upgraded to being her assistant and showing off the oil-free eye makeup remover and the satin hands wash. So it was a lot of fun… until I got 3 people in there at once. There was no sort of support or crowd control.  We made it work though and I think everyone got their Satin hands.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I know Avril was blessed to see how many people turned up to support her. I am hoping that this business venture turns out to be everything she wants it to be 🙂 It’s times like this that I wish I could be a wedding/trip/party coordinator because I absolutely love planning and helping people fulfill their visions.  It makes me happy to see them happy!

Speaking of planning/organizing wedding things. Gracie and I over the weekend locked down my processional music for my wedding! Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pumped about it. My bridesmaids are going to walk down to an instrumental version of  “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera. Then I want to walk down to the beginning/first chorus of Tom and Giovanna Fletcher cover of Love Is On The Radio seen here:

then Gracie’s awesome idea that I am totally going to use is after the “you may kiss the bride” part someone slowly turn up McFly’s Love Is On The Radio and walk up to that as my recessional.

I don’t even have a boyfriend so it’s not like my wedding is right around the corner but I have the wedding music locked down! 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday and have a great weekend! The brother’s play the he wrote/directed premieres tonight! It’s been an exciting week for my household.

Lots of Love from Me





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