So, here’s the deal

Ok guys. I am going to make much bigger push at happiness this summer. I have a lot of things to look forward to and I will try not to let a few unpleasant things get me down. First though, I need to talk about them 😉

The first, and probably most major thing, is that my dad has decided to go back into in patient rehab (again) for his alcohol addiction. In an effort to take the high road, and not turn this into another rant about people who drink to excess, I will say that for Avril’s sake, I do hope it works this time. Or I guess I should say that HE works at it this time. I really do hope that he turns his life around for my siblings. They deserve to have a father figure in their life. That being said I really hope my siblings and certain close friends/family members will give me the same respect and understanding in my opinions and my life choices where he is concerned. There is a lot of old hurt and I no longer have the ability to trust him. I think that at 26 I should be able to know and decide that. Like I said, I am hoping for good things for all of those involved and am going to try really hard to not let this bring up old demons, fears, insecurities, and so on. Prayers, nice thoughts, positive vibes, whatever you believe in, if you wouldn’t mind sending some my way I would really appreciate it!

Second, I feel like I have hit a wall at my job. There is no glass ceiling for me to bust through. The summer makes this a lot harder as we are much slower and there are not students in and out to break up the tension and the days. Working on solutions for that.

Also, I asked for Jordan to not allow me to buy any new books or movies until I pay off my vacations/read the stack of books in my room/ the end of summer. Well, she took it one step further:

:ImageSo.. now I HAVE to stick to it :/ I should of thought this through better. I already feel claustrophobic and am wary of my book choices in my room. There’s always the library at least!

All that being said, I do have a few AWESOME things to look forward to!

  1. X-Men: Days of Future Past- gorgeous guys, action movie, can’t complain
  2. Memorial Day! Day off work and time to spend with family without feeling guilty
  3. My little brother’s graduation!
  4. TFIOS premiere! Yes, this will be kind of sad BUT I get to go and see it with my best friends!
  5. Vacation to Philly and Lancaster County with Momma and Gracie!
  6. Avril’s birthday
  7. Gracie’s birthday
  8. 4th of July!!!!!!!!!! Or as I like to call it, History Major’s Christmas!
  9. Vacation at Lake Hope with my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait! So excited to hang out with everyone up there again!
  10. Jordan’s birthday
  11. Going to COSI for the Sherlock exhibit at some point
  12. Drive in movies?

Like I said, a lot of positive things to look forward to! I just need to remember this list during the down moments this summer. Maybe this is something we should all do? Make lists of happy things/things to look forward to? I feel considerably brighter since typing this!

Hope you all are having a VERY lovely Tuesday

Lots of Love from Me



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