Philadelphia 2014

Hello all!

As I am sure most of you have seen or heard by now I get to go to Philadelphia and Lancaster County for vacation this year! I could not be more excited and I wanted to write a post about why this means so much to me.

It’s hard for me to pin point when my love of History formed but I do know there have been various times when it has been cultivated to become the extreme passion (some would say obsession) it is now. One of those time was the first time I ever saw this musical:

ImageI was amazed. I absolutely loved the detail, the songs, Thomas Jefferson, basically everything about this movie. I spent the next handful of years completely absorbed in early American history books. I love love love early Colonial (Roanoke especially. Man! I need to know about that place!) through the end of Revolutionary America. I spent years championing the fact that American history was ignored and needed more people willing to study it etc, etc, etc. I never missed an episode of Liberty’s Kids and was 100% sure that I was destined to major in American History. I just truly cannot get enough.

So needless to say, seeing Philadelphia and Independence Hall has been pretty high up on my bucket list for quite some time.

Now, something you may be wondering (cause I know my siblings have), how can someone that is so obsessed with this period in History be equally obsessed with Britain?

The answer- I love this period in History because it shows that people working together for a common cause CAN work. Britain deserved the kick in the pants that they were given. Both sides definitely went overboard in a few instances but people working together as a united front will always be a moving thing. What I like is Britain now compared to America now. I just love the ease of life there. Public transportation, good food, the movement and pace of life. 

Does that answer anything?

So for me to finally see the place/area that means so much to me. To get an opportunity to ogle that room where 238 years ago some of the most brilliant men our country had to offer met and changed the course of History it is truly indescribable how much this means to me. My mom could not have picked a better graduation gift nor a better summer to accomplish it.

Also, Gracie and I will be going on the Independence After Hours Tour! I am also incredibly excited about this too! Getting to see Independence Hall after hours while Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Franklin are there talking about the declaration.. I just might pass out! I described Thomas Jefferson to George that I work with like this on Sunday “He’s tall, he’s smart, he can write, he’s ginger, and he’s mine.” I’m quite dedicated. 😉

Finally, at least 40% of the books I read/currently own are Amish Fiction novels. I love how simple, sweet, and untainted their stories are and I find the solitude and devotion of that life peaceful. I admire their faith, especially on days I struggle with my own. So, getting to go there is an ADDED bonus. I’m finally going to get to try the multiple desserts/food I’ve read about for years!

I genuinely cannot wait! Woooo! 20 days and counting!!!!

Hope you all had a LOVELY Memorial Day weekend and have a great week!

Lots of Love from me



2 thoughts on “Philadelphia 2014

  1. Don’t forget to try the shoo fly pie! It is amazing. I went this weekend with my daughters and toured Lancaster County in a buggy…so much fun! I just wrote a post about it. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on graduation!! Have fun on your trip. 🙂

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