The week of the 23rd

Wow. That pretty much sums up last week perfectly. I know I haven’t posted the Philly trips yet but I do have a reason. Let me fill you in on the tumbling dominos that was last week.

1) Arrived home at a little after 2 am on Saturday morning to find Jordan awake and working on homework so even though we were all exhausted we ended up staying awake til about 3 telling her different funny things that happened on the way home and stuff. Was then woken up at 7 ish by my Momma to help her take the car back to the rental place and nodded off on the way back home. I then OF COURSE could not  fall back asleep and ended up staying awake. Not a good plan.

2) Went to visit with Grams the next day which was awesome! I love her. It was nice to get to spend a Sunday at Grams and not have to run over there after job #2. Anyways, my Uncle had looked over my car while I was on vacation and we were now awaiting Kimmy’s car. Well, he didn’t have time to get to it. No probs. We’d just share and keep going on as normal. (HAHAHA!)

3) My car starts acting funny, sounding weird, and not accelerating. We stop using air conditioning to see if that helps (yes, my car will stop running if you use the AC too much). Does not help, call in Momma. She comes over after work and test drives it and sees/hears no problems and heads home.

4) Cut to 20 minutes later when Momma’s tire blows about 1/4 mile from home. Jordan and I go and attempt a rescue but the tire is shredded and we cannot get the last bolt off. Call AAA. Local cop shows up 10 minutes later fixes tire for us (he was SO cute and nice), cancelled AAA, took Momma and Gracie back to our place b/c mom has to work at 5:30 am and it is now 1 am.

5) Jordan drives me to work the next morning and the MY car starts smoking on the way home ( I knew there was something wrong!). Momma takes Jordan to work.

6) Mom trying to do an easy switch out her car for Jordan’s now fixed car has a blow out on the spare and now has to wait for my Uncle to tow her. The flip flop cars and mom comes back to pick us up.

Yet, there were a lot of good times this week as well:

1) Coming home and getting to be with the fam. I had a dream vacation but I start to miss my Grams and my siblings pretty quick when we’re away.

2) Avril letting us/me use her car when we were in desperate need.

3) 2 family friends (some of Avril’s best friends) got married on Friday. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I was so blessed to be there.

4) Spent Saturday night when some of the most amazing people I know. I love you guys SO much. Thank you again for inviting me to hang out and always making me feel welcome. It was especially exciting to fan girl with CM over Richard Armitage! So nice to know other people appreciate him from something other than the Hobbit.

So needless to say it has been a comedy of errors and next to no sleep for the pass week. Hence, why I have not written blogs and or posted trip pics. Mostly just because any time I wasn’t at work I was attempting to sleep.What I need to keep reminding myself is that I am ” too blessed to be stressed”. I have the best group of friends around me and I am pretty content with my life at the current moment.

Hope everyone’s week was a bit less hectic than mine!

Lots of Love from Me


2 thoughts on “The week of the 23rd

  1. Also, in the midst of all the car problems your mom found time to go pay for Deemi and Brian’s cake! She da best! 🙂

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