Philadelphia Day 1

It’s been a long time coming but here it is: The Philly Blog.


Day 1: a teeny bit of a late start out. Not a lot of sleep for anyone and what should have been a 10 hour drive ahead of us. Here is my “before” shot that mom wanted to take. Thank God its blurry! :WP_001059We then headed on our merry way. There wasn’t anything too thrilling about the drive there. We slept, listened to music, read, anything to keep us occupied. Grace, who pulled an all nighter, basically slept about 80% of the way there. We made a pit stop at a Giant Eagle gas station per Jordan and AZ’s reccomendation. I WANT THESE IN THE CINCI AREA!!! The coffee choices!!! Also, they have a build your own sandwich bar. Like what?! It is seriously amazing. 

We did kind of stop at Valley Forge on the way. We did not see much of it due to its impending closing time, our time table and the EXTREME heat! (SO HOT!) I did, however, get an AMAZING sweatshirt thanks to Grace’s keen eye. It says ” Keep Calm and March On”. I will say though, as we stood there absolutely roasting in the sun I found it hard to imagine just how cold/miserable it would have been for our continental army spending an entire winter out on that field. Not jealous. 

Our goal was to get to Philly before the Independence Visitor’s Center closed and we did it! Our hotel was near impossible to find but the staff was helpful. After dropping the essentials into the room we booked it to historic Philly. I do NOT recommend doing this in flip flops! We were able to look around and get some of our questions answered and our “Philly Plash” passes for the next day without too much of a rush.

Day one ended with a visit to “BurgerFi” next to our hotel for dinner. The cashier lady was rude and the burgers and hot dogs were nothing special for how expensive it was. The fries were where it was at! Parmesan and herb french fires. Yummmmmmmm.

We chilled and had issues connecting Grace to the wifi but all was settled and we enjoyed our nice room with the full kitchen and rolling desk. Ready for day 2!


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