Philadelphia Day 2

One of the things I loved about going to Philly with my mom and Grace was that they both appreciate History. Not to the extent I do… I don’t think many people love it that much actually.. but they appreciate it all the same. So, I did not feel guilty for my extreme “I need to see all the things” way of going around Historical Philly.

So, Tuesday was “Grace’s day/ Kate’s Evening”.

Tuesday, we started our day after breakfast (which was amazing) by waiting outside Reading Terminal Market for the Philly Phlash. It was so hot and sticky outside and we were SO thankful for the $5 we spent on those tickets very quickly. We headed over to the Benjamin Franklin Institute first off. Grace was especially excited because starting Monday they had a new exhibit called ” Your Brain.” My baby sis LOVES Neurology and was so happy about the chance to see all the things they had to offer. Right off the bat they had free ” I (picture of a brain) Science” pins. I think she left with about 5 because we were offered some at every turn! Here are some pics from the Brain exhibit:

Entrance to the Exhibit

Entrance to the Exhibit


My reaction times

My reaction times

Thought this was punny

Thought this was punny

Me in one of the "Brain twisters" displays

Me in one of the “Brain twisters” displays

I believe we had a lot of fun! Grace at one point said ” I already know this” to one whole area of an exhibit. 😉 We then headed over to the area with the “Giant Heart”. Another thing Grace was pumped (lol) for. Um, no. My family has a slight problem with claustrophobia (especially Mom and Grace) so this was not as “giant” as lead to believe and it is very tight, dark, and narrow. 10 seconds in Grace wanted out asap. We pretty much ran through it and she was a bit shaky when we re-entered the world. We did have a lot of fun on the hands on things around that area. Here we are assessing a person that was having a heart attack:

Grace saved their life!

Grace saved their life!

I guess my one suggestion to the Franklin Institute is to maybe list descriptions of your planetarium shows IN the brochure. We had no idea what the show would be about until we were in the theater. My astronomy loving baby sis was not too pleased with the results. Also, side note, maybe make the temp a bit more reasonable. It was FREEZING and these people are in a stuffy museum and some have just come from outside where it is about 95 degrees. It was miserable.

All in all, I think we really enjoyed ourselves. Here is a cute pic of me and my Mom:


We left and then walked down to the Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities. I have mentioned before that my sister loves all things creepy.. right? I volunteered to go in with her. By volunteered I mean I took off my glasses, stared at the ground, and had her lead me through it.   I will say Mutter I love your carpet choice! I think she toured that whole thing in 10 minutes flat. I had taken her to 2 very similar places in London and she had “seen it all already”. I guess the only main difference was the “plushies” she brought home. She has so many body parts, cells, organs, whatever in plush form now.

We hopped on the Plash back to the room until it was time for Grace and I to head out to what I was most excited about “Independence After Hours”. I found out about it on and splurged to take Grace and myself. Worth EVERY penny.  I am going to write a separate blog for that.

One thing I forgot to mention in day 1 is that while we we in the Visitors Center discussing our Philly Phlash tickets this sweet older lady came up to my mom and gave her a free ticket for the Philly sight seeing bus tour. You basically rode around in a double decker London style bus and got to see the highlights of Philly. This made me so happy because now Momma would have something to do while Grace and I were having our adventure. It was the best time!


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